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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli on the Red Zone Podcast

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Click play to hear Scott Pioli talking with Soren Petro on the Red Zone podcast this afternoon. Chime in with your thoughts in the comment section. Here are some notes:

  • Compares Tyson Jackson more to Ty Warren and views TJ on the left end
  • Says the only reason TJ and Richard Seymour are compared is because they were both picked so high
  • Banned the term "war room" from the draft room.  Takes great offense to it because of the members of the armed services. He has family in the armed services.
  • Importance of veteran presence - You don't wanna marry yourself to one situation, like saying "we're gonna have young players" or saying "he never drafts a linebacker", "understand that no one situation is ever the same"
  • "This is real money, this isn't monopoly money."
  • "Just because you have money in your pocket doesn't mean you have to let it burn a hole."
  • "Not so much about the sizzle but about the substance."
  • With big contracts come unrealistic expectations
  • Knowing once that we had Matt Cassel and hoping and believing that Matt would be the quarterback of the future and knowing what kind of person he is and what his prep is like and how he will compete with Tyler Thigpen and Brodie Croyle, we feel with the group of guys we have, we feel that Cassel or one of the guys will rise and do a good job.
  • There are so many of the positions that need to upgraded and enhanced.
  • "We pretty much eliminated the QB thought at that high in the draft."
  • "How much of an investment can you make financially at one position?"
  • Wants to correct the rookie contract problem
  • Best part of KC is the job
  • What Pioli misses most about New England - ability to see close friends and family
  • Have you ever been yelled at by Bill Parcells at dinner? "No, but if you know him you've been yelled at by him."
  • Something we don't know about Bill Belichick - One of the most loyal people he's ever met.

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