King Carl Vs. Pioli

Take a moment and think, what if King Carl had made all the moves that Scott Pioli has made up till this point in the off season?

Would you still be in favor of the moves?

I was recently thinking about a "what If" scenario in which Carl was never fired but he fired Herm, brought in an unproven head coach, traded away a hall of fame TE, traded a 2nd round pick for a starting QB & LB, singed some cast offs at LB, WR, CB and OL. All the while being more then 30mil. Under the salary cap.

In my opinion Pioli has gotten a free ride up until this point because he is the new guy in town, he treats the local media like step children and disrespects team leaders (Brain Waters). I have a feeling that if Carl were at the helm of this ship fans would be burning down that pretty new office building due to the lack of moves and arogance.

Lets not forget Pioli has never won without Bill and Haliey has never been a head coach & only called plays for one season. The one season Haliey called plays the Cardinals had argubly the two best recievers in the league and the worst running game.

Am I saying that I disagree with the hiring of Pioli No not at all I think he is one of the best young minds in the game but I don't want fans to become blinded to the facts just because he ISN'T CARL.

We have dreamed of the day that carl was kicked out of that office and his trench coats burned and now that we have seen that day come & go we are stuck with a guy who is just as arrogant as Carl but unlike the "King" Pioli has shown that he can find young talent.

As I said when the Roayls hired Dayton Moore "pray for the best but expect the worse and we will probally fall in between."


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