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May 2009 Clark Hunt Approval Rating

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I know since the GM and head coach search have been over that Clark Hunt has been out of the Kansas City Chiefs spotlight and rightly so. He's got his guys in place. No reason to meddle.

Naturally, much of your approval or disapproval of Clark Hunt will depend on how you view his two major decisions of this off season - the hiring of Scott Pioli and Todd Haley.

Here are a few stories that Hunt has been involved in since the last approval rating:

Not much going on in the month of April for the Chiefs' young owner. Let's see what you think about him. Vote in the poll below on Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

April 2009: 96%

March 2009: 94%

Feb. 2009: 91%

More May 2009 approval ratings: Todd Haley and Scott Pioli

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