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Kansas City Chiefs Ranked as 20th Best Organization

<strong>The Future</strong>.  <em>From Todd Haley's introductory press conference.</em>
The Future. From Todd Haley's introductory press conference.

Adam Schein of recently ranked all 32 NFL teams.  This isn't a power rankings by any means instead focusing on the organizations themselves.  Specifically, Schein used the following criteria to grade all 32 organizations:

Criteria Chiefs Rank
Owner ?
Front Office 9
Head Coach 6.5
Coaching Staff 6.5
Quarterback ?
Offense ?
Defense 3
Intangibles ?
The report didn't list all the grades.  What we do know is listed above.  The question marks are the grades we don't know.  It's based on a 1-10 scale with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

We do know that the Kansas City Chiefs scored a 53 total.  The above rankings that are given total 25.  That means there are 28 points available between owner, quarterback, offense and intangibles.

Schein cites the "tremendous fanbase" in his reasoning behind the Chiefs ranking.
Kansas City scored very high for front office (9) with the great Scott Pioli running the show. I like Todd Haley (6.5) and his new staff (6.5). And the Chiefs have a tremendous fan base and, according to several players we talked to, the best home field advantage in football. KC scored a 3 for defense.
I would guess the owner and the intangibles ranked very high considering the league-wide perception of Clark Hunt.  The quarterback and offense ranking is a crapshoot considering the change that's taken place.

With Pioli on board, I'm not surprised the Chiefs front office would rank so high.  His perception around the league as a personnel evaluator is outstanding.

I can't say I disagree too much on the Chiefs ranking.  Of course, I would like to see them higher but with the key word being "change" around Kansas City these days attempting to rank them is a guess at best.

I would expect our ranking to go up in the next few years because Clark Hunt has shown an ability to run this team as a business unlike his father.  Clark is a former market analyst and I can see that history in his moves with the Chiefs.  His decisions appear to be done with a calculated purpose which is necessary in the ever growing "business" of the NFL.

The Patriots, Steelers and Eagles were in the top three while the Raiders, Browns and Lions rounded out the bottom three.  The Chargers were ranked 9th. 

The best ranking, in my opinion, landed on Denver at 28th.  Here's what Schein had to say about the Broncos:
What happens when you trade a franchise quarterback, sink morale in an organization, screw up a draft and chase out valued front-office staffers? You become a coach on the hot seat before your first ever game. Josh McDaniels has ruined this organization. Denver has lost a lot of excellent talent at quarterback, head coach and on their public relations staff in the last 365 days.
Couldn't have said it better.

Here's a link to the video of Schein explaining the Chiefs ranking.  Here's a link to a listing of the video for every team's ranking.

H/T to woodman212 in the FanShots yesterday

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