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Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day to everyone.  And to those of you to which this holiday is intended, thank you.

Not much going on in the Chiefs blogosphere today.  Looks like most are taking a well deserved day off. 

It's a barbecue day for me and my folks.  This is the day when my old man shines by concocting some awesome meal on the grill for the family.  Chris and Ms. Arrowhead Pride are finishing up their move into a new place.  He should have his internet up and running this afternoon.

You can tell Chris might be a little too into blogging when he calls me yesterday to tell me he's going to start doing his morning blogging on their new kitchen table.  Thanks for the update, Chris.

We have what seems to be an unusually large amount of military men and women on the site.  So, if you're one of those people, let us know in the comments so we can thank you.

We've got what looks like a full day planned for tomorrow.  Connerman has some good stuff and I've got something on where Kansas City ranks compared to the rest of the North American sports cities (hint: it's not good).

Hope you all have a restful and safe holiday.  Use this thread for whatever you want.  I'll be in and out today.

It's Game Time.

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