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Spokesman: Chiefs Have No Interest in Michael Vick

Did we really think this was a possibility?  I mean, did you actually think Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli would look at Michael Vick and think, 'Gee, why not?"? Me neither.

Nevertheless, a team spokesman confirmed what we've known all along.

"The Chiefs have no comment regarding Michael Vick.  They haven't given any thought to it.  They don't want to be involved in any conversation about Michael Vick."

This couldn't have been any clearer.  No. Nada. No way.  No to Michael Vick.

Judging by Pioli's history with quarterbacks that are actually good passers, and complete over 60% of their passes, I don't think this would enter their minds conviction or no conviction.

The charge on Pioli is that he wants "football players" and guys that "love playing football".  This doesn't necessarily mean "high character" in the traditional sense of the word.  Pioli and the Patriots made a play for disgrunted wide receiver Randy Moss.  Granted, it was a low risk, high reward scenario, but this demonstrates that just because you've got a slightly shady history doesn't mean you're immediately disqualified from consideration.

But still, no to Michael Vick.  The Chiefs couldn't have been any clearer.

We've talked about this before on Arrowhead Pride.  In fact, we've talked about it more than a few times.  But I am very pleased that we can definitively put this issue to rest.

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