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The Greatest Kansas City Chiefs, By the Numbers: #2

Player Years
QB Tom Clements 1980
K *** ******* 1994-95
P Kelly Goodburn 1987-90
K Eddie Murray 1992
K Todd Peterson 2000-01

Ah yes. Good 'ole #2 in the Chiefs jersey lexicon. Cursed? Perhaps.

Understandably, most of these #2s are kickers. Here are the NFL jersey number assignments by position, which have been in affect since 1973:

  • Numbers 1 to 19 are worn by quarterbacks, kickers, and punters.
  • Since 2004, wide receivers are also allowed to wear numbers between 10 and 19 if they so choose, even if there is an 80-89 number available.
  • Numbers 20 to 49 are worn by running backs, tight ends (who may wear a number between 40-49 when 80-89 are unavailable), cornerbacks and safeties.
  • Numbers 50 to 59 are worn by linebackers and offensive linemen.
  • Numbers 60 to 79 are worn by members of both the offensive line (the tackles, guards and centers) and defensive line (the defensive ends, defensive tackles or nose guard).
  • Numbers 80 to 89 are worn by wide receivers and tight ends.
  • Numbers 90 to 99 are worn by linebackers and defensive linemen.
  • Numbers 0 and 00 are no longer used, though they were issued in the NFL before the number standardization in 1973.

Let's check out these guys individually. And if you have to ask who the blocked out player is...don't.


QB Tom Clements

Clements has actually two different employment stints with the Kansas City Chiefs. After playing for the Chiefs for one season in 1980 which was in between a long football career in the CFL, Clements came back to coach the Chiefs' QBs in 2000. Under his tutelage, Elvis Grbac reached the Pro Bowl.

The Chiefs' head coach in 1980 was Marv Levy, who knew of Clements from his own time coaching in the CFL. Tom Clements was 7/12 for 77 yards passing in his one game career with the Chiefs.


K *** *******

Not going to talk about this guy.


P Kelly Goodburn

Goodburn was the Kansas City Chiefs punter during the late 1980s/early 1990s transition period. Marty Schottenheimer came to KC in 1990 after two four win seasons in a row. The history.

There isn't a lot to say about Kelly Goodburn other than he was a solid punter for four seasons in Kansas City. Here's a bit more info:

Kelly Goodburn grew up in Iowa and attended Iowa State University where he played football for four years (including one Redshirt year). His last year of college was spent at Emporia State where he played for one season. He joined the Chiefs in 1987 as a Free Agent and won the job as the teams punter in 1988. In 1989, Kelly enjoyed his best year during his tenure with the Chiefs. His 25 punts inside the 20 were the third most in the NFL, while his ratio of one inside the 20 every 2.7 punts as tops in the league. Kelly tied a club record with 11 punts in a single game.

Punters. So exciting, no?


K Eddie Murray

Does anyone else think of like three people when they hear the name Eddie Murray?

Kansas City was one of eight different NFL teams that Murray played for in his long career. He made his one and only field goal attempt of 1992 while kicking in place of Nick Lowery.


K Todd Peterson

In 1990, left the U.S. Naval Academy to pursue an NFL kicking career. In 27 games over two seasons in Kansas City, Peterson completed about 76% of his field goals.

Peterson retired in 2005 after stints with the Steelers, 49ers and Falcons.


Who is the greatest Kansas City Chief to wear #2?

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