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Listen to Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson on The Red Zone Podcast

I haven't checked out the full podcast yet but Soren Petro had Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson on the show with him today. Those who are up late tonight, take a listen and let us know how it went for those of us checking back in in the morning.

And that picture of DJ will never get old.

Update Thursday AM

Here are some notes I made while listening to the podcast:

  • Show begins with Soren Petro going over general Chiefs news and OTA stuff
  • Plays Todd Haley press conference clips talking about Tyson Jackson
  • Jackson's role will be to stuff the run. Don't look for huge sack totals from him.
  • Mike Goff is a bigger veteran addition than Terrell Owens is for the Bills
  • Need to work on the right side of the offensive line

And Derrick Johnson is on...

  • Never played in a 3-4 before
  • Didn't know that the 3-4 is similar to what he ran in college
  • Inside linebacker is where he'll play
  • Petro: 3-4 linebackers are big. Have there been any requests for you to get bigger?
  • Weighs 241 pounds now
  • DJ on Chiefs defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast: Been great; a person who has a lot of energy; optimistic teacher
  • Reaction to Cassel trade: We haven't had a consistent QB in years. Excited to play with him.
  • Reaction to Tony Gonzalez trade: Sad to see Hall of Famer go. TG Is a hard worker. Never boasted.
  • Reaction to Tyson Jackson at #3 overall: Loving it. Jumping up and down like a little kid.
  • DJ is an American Idol fan.
  • Talked to TG a few weeks after the season for the last time.
  • Colt McCoy is definitely an NFL starting QB.
  • Greatest Longhorn ever? Ricky Williams.

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