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NFL Owners Meeting Begins Today in Florida

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Courtesy of FanHouse, here is a rundown of the topics being discussed over the NFL owners' two day meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

First, a Super Bowl site selection announcement.

The 2013 Super Bowl. Sometime Tuesday, the league will announce the site of the 2013 game. New Orleans is the favorite, but South Florida and Arizona remain in the running until somebody tells us otherwise. The weather here was gorgeous today, but it's clouding up and thunderstorms are forecast for the next couple of days. Such things are unlikely to seriously hurt South Florida's case, but it can't help. The next three Super Bowls are set for Miami, Arlington and Indianapolis.

And of course, the hot button topic around any draft day, a rookie salary cap.

Too many people are upset about high draft picks getting larger contracts than veterans get. New union chief DeMaurice Smith is on record as saying the players don't think this is their problem -- that if the owners don't want to pay the rookies so much, they should just stop doing it. Expect this to not be decided this week but to be an issue in the upcoming collective bargaining agreement, along with...

An expansion of the regular season is also being discussed.

Goodell has said he wants to expand the regular season to 17 or 18 games (and shorten the preseason accordingly by one or two). Owners favor the plan, but Smith and the players want to make sure they get some kind of compensation in return for the added health and injury risks associated with addining meaningful games to the schedule.

The owners will also talk about playing more NFL games overseas, like last year's contest between the Chargers and Saints in London.

We'll update you as news breaks out of the owners' meetings. For now, do you favor an expansion of the regular season to 17 or 18 games, at the expense of the preseason?

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