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Chiefs Classic Picture Competition Winner


Last week, Shawn came up with an excellent idea for a contest - find the best Chiefs classic picture.  The rules were any pictures (photoshopped included) in the Derrick Thomas era or before and the most recs wins.

Let's tip our hats to tomahawk44 who posted the picture above.  23 recs makes him the winner in the Chiefs Classic Picture Competition

Let's also recognize tomahawk44 for approaching 100 FanShots posted on AP (95 as of this posting).  He's reaching JayKC status (205 FanShots as of this posting) in the FanShot section.  They're two of the reasons we have one of the most popular FanShot sections on SBNation.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  I saw a lot of pictures I'd never seen before and I'm sure a few of you older folks saw some that dated you brought back a lot of memories.

Special thanks and congratulations to those who placed in the top five: Matt_Grbac, chrisjo07 and NJChiefsFan.  Click over to see their pictures.

Chiefs pictures on AP

Matt_Grbac's Picture Competition

oldchiefsfan's Revisiting Super Bowl IV

Shawn's Classic Chiefs Picture Competition

2nd Place: Matt_Grbac (20 recs)


3rd Place: tomahawk44 (16 recs)


4th Place: chrisjo07 (13 recs)


5th Place: NJChiefsFan (12 recs)


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