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What are the Strengths of the Kansas City Chiefs?

In 2007, it was the Kansas City Chiefs' offense that struggled.

In 2008, it was the Chiefs' defense that, well, was the prevailing reason the team only won two games last year.

That begs the question of the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs: What are this team's strengths?

At first glance, there aren't many.

I'd be tempted to say the passing game with addition of Matt Cassel. But you take away the 96 catches Tony Gonzalez made last year and there isn't much left over.Our current crop of running backs is actually quite talented but will Larry Johnson turn himself around? The defense, well, the defense isn't exactly exhibiting any strong suits now.

So let's tweak this question a bit: What do you think will be the Chiefs biggest strength once 2009 is over?

With top draft picks stacking the defensive line, I think that the Chiefs, with their hybrid 3-4 defense, will see incredible improvement in the defensive trenches.

Tank Tyler, Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Alex Magee and others have the talent to turn the Chiefs' defense into a strength again. All it will take is the proper scheme and coaching - which the Chiefs have.

No more surrendering 300 yards rushing in a game.

So what do you  think? What will be the Chiefs biggest strength once 2009 is over? What part of the team is poised to make the biggest jump?

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