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Morning Update (Clean Slate Edition)

Reason #876 Arrowhead Stadium is awesome.

Kansas City Chiefs News

AFC West News

NFL Draft News

  • I think that's pretty much it for Pro Days this off season. The NFL draft is 19 days away.
  • Courtesy of IPWT2009 in the FanShots, OT Eugene Monroe is visiting the Philadelphia Eagles today. Could the Chiefs trade with Philly? The Eagles do have two first round picks (#21 and #28).
  • A reminder that the NFL Draft starts at 3 PM central time on April 25th. Round 1 & 2 will be on Saturday and the remaining rounds will begin at 9 AM on Sunday. And I just realized that I agreed to go to Lafayette, LA, for a wedding that day. Um, help?

A bit of housekeeping this morning...We're posting the final first round pick of the Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft soon and Wednesday we'll be starting the second round. The second round schedule is here.

Also, schraggyj had the idea to divvy up the Chiefs Draft Prospect list we've been compiling and do scouting reports, sort of like we did with the AP Mock Draft. I'm still debating whether or not we'll have the time to do that with Round 2 of the mock draft coming up.

Finally, I was curious if everyone was interested in a daily "What if" scenario about the Chiefs and the draft. The "What if" would involve trading picks with various teams. Primetime and I could post them and you could tear us apart on them.


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