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Geaux Chiefs?

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As you probably heard over draft weekend, with the selection of Tyson Jackson from LSU, the Kansas City Chiefs became the first team to select three consecutive players in the first round of the draft from the same school. Those players would be WR Dwayne Bowe, DT Glenn Dorsey and the most recent pick up of DE Tyson Jackson.

In addition to those three, the Chiefs also have two more LSU guys on the roster - C Rudy Niswanger and CB Travis Daniels.

And that's just one of many interesting tidbits I found while breaking down the Chiefs current roster. There are 73 players on the roster now, which will become 53 by the start of the season.

Here are a few more tidbits about our current roster.


We of course have nine new player who have zero NFL experience. 6 players, mostly practice squad and training camp fodder, have one year of NFL experience under their belt.

That brings us to the veterans, if you want to define a veteran as a player with more than one year experience. 20 players are entering their second year in the NFL. 9 players are entering their third year.  22 players are between their 4th and 9th seasons in the NFL.

The Chief signed four veterans this off season with extensive NFL experience. Between Mike Goff, Mike Vrabel, Zach Thomas and Bobby Engram, there are 53 seasons of NFL experience in there. That's more experience in four players than the 26 youngest players on the roster.

Brian Waters and Damion McIntosh are the eldest Chiefs from the pre-Pioli era, both coming up on ten years of NFL experience.

How did we get them?

This is the most interesting part of the roster to look at, IMO. Here's how the 73 players on the Chiefs roster got to become Chiefs:

  • 8 players were undrafted free agents (That number will increase once the other UDFA signings we've found are official)
  • 31 players were free agents signed by the Chiefs, unrestricted or otherwise
  • 7 were first round draft picks
  • 3 were second round picks
  • 7 were third round picks
  • 1 was a fourth round pick
  • 3 were fifth round picks
  • 4 were sixth round picks
  • 5 were seventh round picks

Two players, Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel, were acquired via trade. And two more players, Tyler Thigpen and Brian De La Puente, were picked up off of the waiver wire.

Minimums and maximums

DL Alex Magee, this year's 3rd round draft pick, just turned 22-years old on April 28th. He is the youngest player on the roster.

Old man Engram comes in at the oldest. He turned 36-years old this past January. LB Zach Thomas turns 36 in September.

The lightest player on the team is WR Rodney Wright coming in at 181 pounds. The heaviest guy on the team is newbie Colin Brown, who is listed at 335 pounds.

Check out the whole roster and let us know if you find anything else interesting.

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