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Will the Pioli/Parcells/Haley Connection Bring Any Remaining Free Agents to the Chiefs?

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Note: Primetime did the leg work on the tables and I did the writing. -Chris

If you're been reading Arrowhead Pride for a little while now, you know that Scott Pioli and Todd Haley are big on bringing in coaches and players that they've worked with before. Which makes perfect sense. It's a natural human instinct to take the known over the unknown.

It's gotten to the point where as soon as we hear of a new player the Chiefs have signed or are interested in, we look for the Pioli/Parcells/Haley connection and it's inevitably there.

Why look for a Bill Parcells connection in addition to a Pioli/Haley connection?

Well because the legendary coach has had some big time influence on the Chiefs current GM and head coach.

Todd Haley began his career as the New York Jets' wide receivers coach under Parcells in 1997. Haley also coached under Parcells from 2004 to 2005 as the wide receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys, while Parcells was the head coach.

Todd is the son of Dick Haley, who is the current Player Personnel Analyst for the Miami Dolphins and former Director of Player Personnel for the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets. Haley, his father Dick and Parcells all worked together in New York from 1997 to 1999. Haley was the Jets wide receiver coach; Parcells was the head coach; and Dick Haley as the Personnel Director.

Haley and Scott Pioli worked together from 1997 to 2000, when Pioli was the Director of Pro Personnel for the New York Jets.

As far as Parcells and Pioli go, both worked together in New York for the Jets in the late 1990s while Parcells was the head coach there. Oh, and Scott Pioli also married Bill Parcells' daughter. They're probably pretty tight.

So it's one big happy family over there at One Arrowhead Drive nowadays.

Every single coach hired by the new Kansas City Chiefs' brass has had some sort of Scott Piloli/Todd Haley/Bill Parcells connection.

  • Special teams coach Steve Hoffman (Parcells)
  • WR coach Dedric Ward (Haley, Parcells and Pioli)
  • Defensive quality control coach Pat Perles (Haley)
  • Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast (Haley)
  • Offensive line coach Bill Muir (Pioli and Haley)
  • LB coach Gary Gibbs (Parcells and Haley)
  • Joel Collier (Pioli)

It's the same thing with the free agents the Chiefs have signed this off season:

  • LB Monty Beisel - Played for Arizona in 2008 under Chiefs' DC Clancy Pendergast
  • QB Matt Cassel - Former New England Patriot under Pioli
  • WR Terrance Copper - Signed to the Cowboys by Bill Parcells when Todd Haley was working with the wide receivers
  • CB Travis Daniels - Former Cleveland coach Romeo Crennel, who coached under Belichick and Pioli in New England, traded for him prior to the 2008 campaign
  • WR Bobby Engram -Played for the Bears when Todd Haley worked with wide receivers
  • LB Darrell Robertson - New England practice squad in 2008 and a former Georgia Tech player under Chan Gailey
  • TE Sean Ryan - Played last year in Miami for Bill Parcells and for Haley and Parcells in Dallas from 2004 to 2005
  • TE Tony Curtis - Played for Haley and Parcells in Dallas from 2005 to 2006

Is that enough evidence that these guys prefer working with people they've worked with before?

It makes sense to take a look at who the top remaining free agents and see where the Pioli/Haley/Parcells connection is. It's likely that any future free agent signings will come from this group.

The top offensive and defensive free agents connected to Pioli, Haley and Parcells are after the jump.

Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Age Pioli Haley Parcells
Rex Grossman QB 6'1" 222 28 CHI 03-04
Lorenzo Neal FB 5'11" 255 39 NYJ 97 NYJ 97
Marty Booker WR 6'0" 212 32 CHI 01-03
Kelley Washington WR 6'3" 218 29 NE 07-08
Jerame Tuman TE 6'4" 255 33 AZ 08
Brandon Gorin RT 6'6" 308 30 NE 03-05
Rob Petitti RT 6'6" 347 26 DAL 05 DAL 05
Terrence Metcalf G-T 6'3" 325 31 CHI 02-04
Evan Mathis G 6'5" 304 27 MIA 08
Grey Ruegamer G-C 6'4" 310 32 NE 00-02
Matt Lehr G-C 6'3" 300 30 DAL 03-04
Edgerrin James RB 6'0" 219 30 AZ 07-08

Back on Monday, I asked you what was the biggest positional need for the Chiefs after the draft. You responded by saying that wide receiver, offensive tackle and outside linebacker were the Chiefs' biggest needs.

WR Marty Booker has already had a workout with the Chiefs and left without a contract offer (We assume).

Former 3rd round pick Kelley Washington is an option too I guess, although I'm not sure what he would bring to the table considering his poor career numbers.

At best, I think any of the offensive line free agents out there would be back ups to our current crop of linemen.

The defensive free agents are pretty slim pickings as well. Check them out.

Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Age Pioli Haley Parcells
La'Roi Glover DT-NT 6'2" 285 34 DAL 05 DAL 03-05
Chris Cooper DT-DE 6'5" 275 31 AZ 07 DAL 04
Vonnie Holliday DT-DE 6'5" 290 33 MIA 08
Rosevelt Colvin DE-LB 6'3" 250 31 NE 03-08 CHI 01-02
Ebenezer Ekuban DE 6'3" 265 32 DAL 03
Derek Smith ILB 6'2" 245 34 MIA 08
Junior Seau ILB 6'3" 250 40 NE 06-08
Willie McGinest OLB-DE 6'5" 270 37 NE 00-05
Mike Brown S 5'10" 210 31 CHI 01-04
Rodney Harrison S 6'1" 220 36 NE 03-08
Lawyer Milloy S 6'0" 210 34 NE 00-03
Roy Williams S 6'0" 235 28 DAL 05-06 DAL 03-06
Keith Davis S 5'10" 193 30 DAL 05-06 DAL 03-06
Terrence Holt S 6'2" 208 29 AZ 07
Cameron Worrell S 5'11" 199 29 CHI 03-04
Mike Green S 6'0" 195 32 CHI 01-04
Deltha O'Neal CB 5'11" 194 32 NE 08
Jason Webster CB 5'9" 187 31 NE 08
R.W. McQuarters CB 5'10" 198 32 CHI 01-04
Lewis Sanders CB 6'1" 190 29 NE 08
Aaron Glenn CB 5'9" 185 36 NYJ 95-00, DAL 05-06 NYJ 97-99, DAL 05-06
Roderick Hood DB 5'11" 198 27 AZ 07-08
Travis LaBoy DE 6'3" 250 27 AZ 08

Considering that the top remaining linebackers are all over 34-years old and that the Chiefs have already signed two veteran LBs, I don't see the Chiefs signing Junior Seau, Willie McGinest or Derek Smith. McGinest could theoretically fill at defensive end in addition to linebacker but his age prohibits most investments in him.

S Keith Davis left KC without a contract offer after a private visit to KC back in March.

DE Travis LaBoy, like Primetime wrote this morning, really does seem to be the most viable option for the Chiefs on this list, although I'm not sure what the odds of him coming to KC truly are.

Last year, we would have crossed off any one on this list that was over the age of 27 but that's no longer the case. Now, with the draft over and compensation for many of these players at a minimum, we could be looking at more signings.

Would you like to see any of these free agents signed by the Kansas City Chiefs?

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