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Who Will be the Chiefs' Draft Bust of 2009?

Shortly after last year's draft, I asked the Arrowhead Pride community who you thought would be the Kansas City Chiefs' draft bust of 2008. Here's how that poll came out:

  • 10% Glenn Dorsey
  • 12% Brandon Albert
  • 7% Brandon Flowers
  • 8% Jamaal Charles

And in true Chiefs fan fashion, 60% of you said none of those players was going to be a bust.

Bust is a subjective term in the NFL. It seems that everyone has a different definition of what a "bust" really means. Is it simply not living up to expectations? Is it a factor of longevity? That's the beauty of this conversation and football conversations in general - there is a lot of room for debate.

Going back to that 2008 draft bust poll, Glenn Dorsey would be the unanimous pick now, no?

For me, I won't consider a player a bust if he's a starter/playing within expectations within three years of being drafted. Of course, we don't have that 3-year luxury with the 2009 class so we'll have to be hypothetical about the whole thing.

I also don't consider guys drafted in the 6th and 7th round busts if they never take the field. Expectations are extremely low for those guys.

So who's the bust this year? Statistically speaking, there's going to be one. Make sure you tell us why they're going to be a bust and what your criteria for a bust are.

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