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Experts Grade the Chiefs in 2009 NFL Draft

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Pick Player Pos Ht Wt College Approval Rating
Round 1 Pick 3 (3) Tyson Jackson DE 6'4" 295 LSU 40%
Round 2 Pick 2 (34) Traded to NE for Cassel/Vrabel
Round 3 Pick 3 (67) Alex Magee T 6'3" 298 Purdue 35%
Round 4 Pick 2 (102) Donald Washington CB 6'0" 197 Ohio State 23%
Round 5 Pick 3 (139) Colin Brown OL 6'7" 335 Missouri 44%
Round 6 Pick 2 (175) Quinten Lawrence WR/KR 6'0" 184 McNeese State 71%
Round 7 Pick 3 (212) Javarris Williams RB 5'10" 223 Tennessee State 62%
Round 7 Pick 28 (237) Jake O'Connell TE 6'4" 255 Miami (OHIO) 33%
Round 7 Pick 47 (256) Ryan Succop K 6'2" 218 South Carolina 50%

I do not like grading draft classes the day after it happens. Heck, I don't even like grading them two years after they're complete.  The NFL has far too many players that take multiple years to develop.  Looking over history, it's rare for a wide receiver or a defensive tackle to contribute immediately yet we continue to grade these draft classes the day after the trade.

I'm not going to participate in the grading. I've always gone with the rule that you can't judge a class until you're three years out.  And I'm going to stick with that.

That said, here are how the experts are grading the Chiefs.

Randy Covitz, Kansas City Star - C+

The new regime is trying to undo all the mistakes the franchise has made in the defensive line during the last seven seasons. Jackson and Magee fit the mold of big, strong New England-type defensive linemen. Don’t forget QB Matt Cassel and LB Mike Vrabel represent the second-round pick.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports - C

I didn't like the pick of Jackson with the third overall pick. But they did get a quarterback in Matt Cassel with their second-round pick.

Bob LeGere, Daily Herald - B-

Needing all kinds of help for a lousy defense, they reached a bit for DE Tyson Jackson, but he's the best 5 technique available and a perfect fit for their 3-4 scheme. Went back for more DE help at 67 for Alex Magee, who could be a DE-DT "tweener" and seems better-suited to playing a 3 technique in a 4-3. Got good value at 102 with CB Donald Washington.

Jerry Magee, San Diego Tribune - C

On the first round's choice No. 3, Mark Sanchez was still there. Several teams were absolutely frothing at the mouth for Sanchez. By conducting an auction, the Missourians likely would have been enormously enriched. They chose another course, going for DE Tyson Jackson.

Tony Moss, Sports Network - C

Bottom Line: No edge pass rusher, no real replacement for Tony Gonzalez, and no significant additions to a shaky offensive line.

Larry Weisman, USA Today - C

Bypassed sureshot LB Aaron Curry for DE Tyson Jackson. He'll fit well in Chiefs' 3-4 but he's not much of a pass-rusher and the Chiefs lacked painfully in that department last year after trading Jared Allen. Jackson seems sound but not spectacular as the third overall choice. DT Alex Magee could get snaps in sub package, not a true NT or physical presence. CB Donald Washington was almost a washout at Ohio State and a surprise choice this high (fourth round).

C to C+ seems to be the consensus although Prisco ripped the Tyson Jackson pick and gave it a D.

Overall, I would have to say I'm content with the Chiefs draft. I'm not bouncing out of my chair excited but I'm not about to jump off Arrowhead Stadium for fear that the Chiefs won't win again.  This seems a lot like the Patriots drafts in that you plug key holes with lesser known prospects.

Let's get used to this type of draft.  This is just the way it's going to be.  We will stockpile picks and continue to select the Alex Magee's and Donald Washington's of the world.

Show us any more grades you find in the comments and I'll continue to post them after the jump.


Jason Cole, Yahoo Sports - A-

New Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli turned his first three picks into key foundation players with the selections of Jackson, Magee and by trading for Cassel at the start of free agency. One thing Pioli learned well from New England’s Belichick is to use your top picks on talented big men like Jackson, who is a carbon copy of Richard Seymour (the No. 6 overall pick in the 2001 draft) and then build around those guys. Add Jackson and Magee to Glenn Dorsey from the 2008 draft and suddenly you have the makings of a monster line. Get a few linebackers to go with it and the Chiefs stand to have a terrific defense by 2010.

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