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Presenting the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs Draft Class

Tyson_jackson_medium 340x_medium Donald-washington-ohio-state-football_medium
DE Tyson Jackson DL Alex Magee CB Donald Washington
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OT Colin Brown WR/KR Quinten Lawrence RB Javarris Williams



TE Jake O'Connell K Ryan Succup

I want to preface this post by saying I'm generally pretty optimistic about the NFL draft and the Kansas City Chiefs' selections. I think the NFL draft is at best a crap shoot and to immediately label any player a boom or bust is simply not being patient. Although I may have preferred different players than the Chiefs drafted, I can see why they drafted every single one. This team has a plan and we owe it the coaches, front office and the players themselves to at least let them take the field for a few games before we proclaim them buffoons. You can be skeptical or angry but remember that at the end of the day, we all want these guys to be successful in Kansas City.

Yes, like many, I was surprised when the Chiefs selected Tyson Jackson at #3, among their other picks. But I see where he fits in the team's plans and how his presence will inevitably help one of the worst defenses in franchise history. I'm very open to giving new coaches and execs the benefit of the doubt and I hope you are too.

Why the patience? Because Pioli has shown he's a top notch personnel guy who selects players with a big picture mentality in mind. We won't always understand why this team will do some of the things it will do but Pioli's track record commands respect until he does something to lose it.


One late trade and that was it

Before Scott Pioli came to the Kansas City chiefs, he had the distinction of being part of the tradingest draft-day team in the league in the last decade. Between 2000 and 2008, the Patriots made 28 draft-weekend trades. New England traded up 12 times, and they traded down 16 times during that period.

Surprising most of us, the Kansas City Chiefs and Scott Pioli made only one very late draft day trade this year, dealing next year's 7th round pick to the Miami Dolphins to grab TE Jake O'Connell in the 7th round.

Pioli made exactly one trade while Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots traded down multiple times, seemingly controlling their end of the draft at will. Pioli received no serious calls about trading out of the #3 pick and without a second round pick, the Chiefs found themselves out of the trade talk as first round prospects fell into the early second round.

The Picks

Instead of trading out, the Chiefs found themselves reaching for the first player they wanted. Tyson Jackson was a late top ten pick by most accounts but that didn't matter to Scott Pioli and Todd Haley. Pioli feels like Jackson's versatility will allow the Chiefs much more flexibility in the defensive schemes they play. He's definitely a defensive foundation pick if I've ever seen one. A player you put "impact" players around.

Alex Magee actually went right around his projection when the Chiefs took him early in the third round. Same thing with CB Donald Washington, who was projected to go even in the third round and the Chiefs picked him up early in the fourth round.

Missouri OT Colin Brown was probably the Chiefs' biggest reach of the draft. Many draft boards had him as a 7th round, UDFA prospect. Clearly, Pioli and Haley saw something they liked in Brown so they took him in the fifth round.Perhaps Haley is contemplating a some version of the spread offense, which Brown played in at Missouri.

6th round pick WR/KR Quinten Lawrence is much like his 6th round predecessor last year Kevin Robinson. Lawrence looks to be faster than Robinson and like him will have to earn his keep on special teams to earn a roster spot. Just the type of guy you take in the 6th round.

RB Javarris Williams, the Chiefs' first 7th round pick, is a pick where Pioli and Haley saw a guy who was rated higher than where he was so they snagged him. This seems like a value pick to me more than a need. But with Larry Johnson's future in KC up in the air, the selection of Javarris Williams may mean one more running back will be added to the committee.

TE Jake O'Connell is a very curious pick. He was an undrafted free agent on most draft boards and doesn't fill a huge priority - so why use the draft pick on him? We'll have to wait until camp to find out but the Chiefs' brass likely sees him as a project as a receiving tight end. Considering the Chiefs just lost the greatest receiving tight end in the history of the NFL, I will give my approval to this pick.

K Ryan Succup is another interesting pick, especially considering he's now the fourth kicker on the Chiefs roster. Incumbent Connor Barth played well enough last season to be considered the favorite heading into training camp but we can be rest assured that the kickers will be in a full blown competition. Let the best man win.

Did we address our needs?

Like with most team's drafts, the answer is yes and no. I will say that through the combination of free agency and the draft that I believe the Chiefs at least have enough talent and addressed enough glaring needs to make it through this season but they're not set in a lot of positions for years down the road.

One point you can't argue is that the Chiefs' defense was the biggest problem with the team last season. Pioli and Haley attacked that need by going defense with the first three picks. And the first two picks were spent on defensive linemen. A smart but not necessarily sexy move, considering the Chiefs had one of the worst rushing defenses in franchise history last year.

I hear you on wanting a pass rusher. But who? You have to answer me that. Did you really want Brian Orakpo or Aaron Maybin with the #3 pick? Jackson's versatility makes him more valuable than this year's sub-par pass rushers. Taking one of those guys would be like rushing out to get the newest model of a car, even though there isn't anything particularly special about it. You just want the latest model, regardless of improvements.

One interesting thing is that we didn't draft a linebacker. For a team who was supposedly likely to take LB Aaron Curry at #3, Pioli and Haley seem to be content with the mix of veterans and rookies on the roster now.

How are we on the offensive iine now?

With the lone offensive lineman addition Colin Brown, this is how the Chiefs' depth chart currently breaks down on the offensive line (projected starter in bold):

LT Branden Albert, Herb Taylor

LG Brian Waters, Brian De La Puente, Edwin Harrison

C Rudy Niswanger

RG Mike Goff, Wade Smith, Tavares Washington

RT Damion McIntosh, Barry Richardson, Colin Brown

Look at that. If Brown is able to move into the starting right tackle position, that's not a bad offensive line. It won't last us ten years but it's not bad heading into the '09 season.

I think offensive line was less of a need to the Chiefs than we thought it was in our analysis. There is still work to be done but that looks like it will wait until next season.

It's (almost) over

The undrafted free agents will continue to come in and we'll be posting them, probably in FanShots unless there is a whole slew of them. This has sort of a mini-draft feeling for a few hours after the real thing.

What. A. Weekend. I honestly blogged and watched the draft for probably close to 20 hours in just two days.

Here's to understanding wives and girlfriends!

Click over for more info on all of these guys.

Round 1, #3 LSU DE Tyson Jackson



Very disappointing

Last year we were getting great deals on players that fell to us. This just seems like an enormous reach for a non-pass rusher. -ChiefDJ


Lions are to WR as the Chiefs are to DL -Matt_Grbac


Everyone who wanted Curry needs to realize something.

Linebacker in the 3-4 is a very blue collar job. They are super important players but its a position that is popular and accommodates a lot of different people.

Look at the Steelers and how they draft their LBs. Ever heard of James Harrison? Defensive player of the year? Went undrafted and cut from the team twice before the steelers built him up into a great LB.

Curry wasn’t worth it. We are building our defense back up from line back. -Jux



I LOVE Tyson Jackson.

He is fantastically fantastic.

Next Richard Seymour, man. -rockchalk


Check out Tyson Jackson's player page for more info. The five players drafted after Jackson were:

  • LB Aaron Curry
  • QB Mark Sanchez
  • OT Andre Smith
  • WR Darrius Heyward-Bey
  • OT Eugene Monroe

Round 3, #67 Purdue DL Alex Magee



It's starting to look like Dorsey has no spot in the 3-4 -808NaNz808



That kid can play! I graduated from Purdue and I’ve seen him a bunch of times…maybe a reach, but, WOW… -thejesuslizard


I think it says more about depth.

The kid can play both positions in the 3-4 (on D-Line.) I think it says more about Hali than Dorsey that they’ve picked a DE and a DT/DE. -stlfan


To you haters

Pioli knows D lineman, and he had ALL night to think about this. This is HIS pick – they guy that he wanted.

In Pioli I trust. -Keyser Soze


The Chiefs are no where near great. Would I like to have more depth on our DL, of course.

I’d have been fine with this pick if we didn’t reach for Jackson #3 overall. If we’d have gone Curry or OT, and then made this pick, it’d have made a lot of sense. -kcsno56


Alex Magee

Are your kidding me? There were at least 10 different ways we could have gone that would be better than this pick.

This draft is shaping up horribly, most dissapointed I have been in Pioli’s tenure. -dyoung21


Click here for Magee's player page. The five players drafted after Magee were:

  • DE Jarron Gilbert
  • OLB Jason Williams
  • DE Michael Johnson
  • DE Matt Shaughnessy
  • DT Terrance Knighton

Round 4, #102 Ohio St. CB Donald Washington



Good player

Doesnt really fill a need. -tdbowe


I'll say

this has been my favorite pick so far. I like where our defensive secondary is headed -KansasCityShuffle


He will be a great add

Being an Ohio State fan, and watching him over the last few years, I can tell you that this kid is a player! With this addition we can free up flowers to cover the quick slot receivers in a 3 wide receiver set and have two large corners on the outside. I am loving the way the defense is looking already! -vaup2106



was obviously disgusted with the defensive talent pool across the board. He’ll probably draft a safety next. -ChiefsDude


Think about this on Washington

Nobody threw at Malcom Jenkins this year so they focused on Washington but he held up well. Also, if he had stayed at OSU he would be the next big CB out of OSU and probably would’ve wound up as a first rounder next year. -WesternChief


Check out Donald Washington's player page. The next five players drafted after Washington were:

  • DT Dorell Scott
  • ILB Kaluka Maiava
  • DE Henry Melton
  • C Jonathan Luigs
  • WR Mike Thomas

Round 5, #139 Missouri OT Colin Brown



M-I-Z-Z-O-U but????

I love Mizzou but this pick makes no sense this guy would have been around later in the draft, why not go after a Duke Robinson here?? -doriang03


He may not have been highly toted because he was in the wrong scheme for his talents. -KCKing


Can anyone tell me why Colin Brown is a better pick than Jamon Meredith? From what I have read Meredith is a smart, versatile OL, who had a 3rd round grade. It seems like we could have waited and picked up Colin Brown later, or as a Undrafted FA -bradelli58


Click here for Brown's player page. The next five players drafted after Brown were:

  • WR Johnny Knox
  • WR Kenny McKinley
  • P Kevin Huber
  • CB DeAngelo Smith
  • WR Jarrett Dillard

Round 6, #175 McNeese St. WR Quinten Lawrence



This is the first pick I've liked

And its because its in the 6th round, and a good time to take a shot at someone like this kid.

I’d have rather had Ellerbe or Jennings, the RB, but we need a returner, good time to roll the dice on speed. -kcsno56


I was thinking

Poor man’s Desean Jackson (Phi)

undersized with great speed and ball skills… a threat anytime the ball is in his hands. -Ochophosphate


Holy balls! That kid is FAST! -SupremeChief


The next five players drafted after Lawrence were:

  • LB Spencer Adkins
  • CB Don Carey
  • QB Mike Teel
  • CB Morgan Trent
  • TE Zach Miller

Round 7, #212 Tennessee St. RB Javarris Williams



Insurance is a hope that you don't have to use it

But you better have it. -Steve_Chiefs


He might fit the Kevin Faulk profile. -WesternChief



All it’s basically saying is Williams is a bruiser RB. He’s small, not very fast, and likes contact. He will be used in short yardage situations if he’s used at all. -SupremeChief


The next five players drafted after Williams were:

  • OG Paul Fanaika
  • LB J.D. Folsom
  • RB Fui Vakapuna
  • CB Captain Munnerlyn
  • CB E.J. Biggers

Round 7, #237 Miami (OH) TE Jake O'Connell




Why would we trade up to get a guy that you may convince to walk on as a UFA? I don’t get the logic. -TXChieffan


O'Connell sounds like a guy who could play special teams as well

with his speed, 4.6, could be very useful on special teams, even if he doesn’t contribute on offense. -Ken Harvey


The next five player selected after O'Connell were:

  • DB Stoney Woodson
  • OG Ryan Durand
  • RB LaRod Stephens-Howling
  • TE David Johnson
  • FS Nick Schommer

Round 7, # 256 South Caroline K Ryan Succop



66% accuracy? This is a joke. I am okay with the other picks in the draft but this one honestly had me stumped. There is probably zero percent chance this guy is gonna be on our team because we can only keep one kicker. We should have at least found an inside lineman to develop. -Vince D

I run the SBN Gamecocks site. Here’s what you need to know about Succop. He had one of the longest legs in the college game last year, but consistency is a bit of an issue for him. He missed a bunch of kicks around the middle of 2008, leading to the questionable accuracy rating. Part of the problem seemed to have been some kind of pulled abdominal muscle, but part of it was also in his head, I think. If he can work out confidence issues, he’s got the skills to be a great NFL kicker. If not, oh well.

And yeah, your wives and girlfriends will want to leave you for him as soon as they see his picture. --Gamecock Man


I just want to say again how much fun I had this weekend on this site. It really is the community that is this site's strength and I want to thank you for it.

For the reasons listed before the fold, I'm going to give this draft a B for the Kansas City Chiefs. Make sure you vote in the poll below.

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