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Scott Pioli Sums up the Chiefs' Day Two Draft Picks

Here is how the second day has unfolded for the Kansas City Chiefs so far.

*Trade with Dolphins. Chiefs gave up next year's 7th round pick.

For the entire draft, that's four on offense, three on defense.

Scott Pioli addressed the media and gave us some roles for the guys above.  Read the transcript at the mothership.

On the rest of the draft:

We’ve still got the final pick in the draft and there is a chance we may be in this round [again]. We may try to get back in this round even before the compensatory picks.

On what's after the draft:

There are some people out there who are going to be free agents. It gets to about two weeks before the draft and some of the veteran free agents want to stop and settle down and see what teams are going to draft and see where they think their opportunities are the best.

On trade talks:

We talked about a lot of different trades with a lot of different people. We spent a lot of time on the phone. Again, different opportunities, but we didn’t feel good about them. At this point in wanting to trade we felt we would have to give up too much to get to certain spots.

He also gave us some roles for the new players the Chiefs have selected.  We learned from Todd Haley earlier in the day that Alex Magee will probably line up as a defensive end in the Chiefs' 3-4 defense (along with Glenn Dorsey).

  • OT Colin Brown - Projected as a right tackle
  • WR Quinten Lawrence - Working as a kick returner and competing as a wide receiver
  • RB Javarris Williams - Likely as a special teamer to start

Pioli said that he had NO conversations with other teams regarding players currently on the Chiefs (knocks down the Dorsey rumors for now).  He also referenced rookie free agency several times.  That will start immediately following the draft.

Make sure you have the FanShot bookmark installed because that is how we track most of these UDFA signings.

We'll be coming back with Mr. Irrelevant shortly.

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