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Morning Update (LSU Chiefs Edition)

H/T to Arrowhead Addict for the video.

Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star says Pioli's credibility on defensive linemen can't be questioned:

A quarterback, a pass-rusher, a receiver, a big-play cornerback and a left tackle are all worth paying $30 million-plus in guaranteed money. By referencing Maryland, Pioli was saying a defensive lineman doesn’t have to rack up headline stats to justify a significant paycheck. Pioli is right.

One more from Whitlock that we need to read:

Don’t let Kansas City’s tragic recent history with high-round defensive linemen color your perception of Jackson. He’s not the next Ryan Sims, Eddie Freeman, Tamba Hali, Junior Siavii or Glenn Dorsey.

Bob Gretz compares this pick and Scott Pioli to....well, you can probably guess who.

And there are some Chiefs fans that are not going to like this, but there are great similarities to the basic fundamentals that Pioli brings to the table with the foundation blocks that Carl Peterson thought important. Maybe the biggest factor they share is the belief that football teams are built on the line of scrimmage.

Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star isn't so sure another LSU player was the way to go:

But here's my other problem. After watching Dwayne Bowe drop passes and Glenn Dorsey get pushed around, I'm wary of first-round picks from LSU.

Looks like the Chiefs operated in secrecy again:

A representative of the Chiefs was on the phone with Jackson shortly after offensive tackle Jason Smith of Baylor went as the second pick to St. Louis and Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford went as the No. 1 pick to Detroit Saturday. But it wasn’t even a high ranking official from the Chiefs, Jackson said. So he was not expecting to be drafted right away.

The conversation went like this:

"He asked, ‘How are you doing?’ Then he asked if I was excited about the day," Jackson said. "Then he said, ‘Well how about welcome to Kansas City. We’re about to pick you.’ I had no idea."

The Kansas City Star has some basic info (weaknesses/strengths) on Jackson. 

Jackson said he spoke with the Chiefs' brass several times at the Combine and visited Kansas City once, but never had a private workout with the team.  It's interesting to see that the only point of contact reported on our Chiefs Draft Interests page was:

We were right on those two points but missed his visit to Kansas City AND their conversations at the NFL Combine.

Jackson makes it the third consecutive year the Chiefs have taken a LSU product with a first round pick.

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