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Arrowhead Pride Day One NFL Draft Open Thread #5

This draft has hands down the most surprises I've ever seen in an NFL Draft. Hey, at least it's entertaining, right?

It's a shame the Chiefs don't have a second round pick to catch all of this falling value but if the trade went down for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel right now, you'd be ecstatic.

Remember the draft started back in February for the Chiefs when they traded away the 34th pick.

Check out Mocking the Draft for real time images and info from Radio City Music Hall.

(3:04PM) Detroit Lions #1 - QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia

(3:14PM)  St. Louis Rams #2 - LT, Jason Smith, Baylor

(3:24PM) Kansas City Chiefs #3 - DE Tyson Jackson, LSU

(3:32PM) Seattle Seahawks #4 - LB, Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

(3:41PM) *New York Jets #5 QB, Mark Sanchez, USC

(3:50PM) Cincinnati Bengals #6 LT, Andre Smith, Alabama

(3:56PM) Oakland Raiders #7 WR, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland

(4:05PM) Jacksonville Jaguars #8 LT, Eugene Monroe, Virginia

(4:14 PM) Green Bay Packers #9 NT, B.J. Raji, Boston College

(4:18PM) San Francisco 49ers #10 WR, Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

(4:26PM) Buffalo Bills #11 DE, Aaron Maybin, Penn State

(4:32PM) Denver Broncos #12 RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

(4:33PM) Washington Redskins #13 LB, Brian Orakpo, Texas

(4:40PM) New Orleans Saints #14 CB, Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

(4:46PM) Houston Texans #15 LB, Brian Cushing, USC

 (4:55 PM) San Diego Chargers #16 LB, Larry English, UConn

(5:00 PM) **Tampa Bay Buccaneers #17 QB, Josh Freeman, K-State

(5:06 PM) Denver Broncos #18 DE, Robert Ayers, Tennessee

(5:13 PM) ***Philadelphia Eagles #19  WR, Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

(5:20 PM) Detroit Lions #20 TE, Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma St.

(5:25 PM) Cleveland Browns #21 C, Alex Mack, California

(5:28 PM) Minnesota Vikings #22 WR, Percy Harvin, Florida

(5:35 PM) ***Baltimore Ravens #23 OT, Michael Oher, 'Ole Miss

(5:41 PM) Atlanta Falcons #24 DT, Peria Jerry, 'Ole Miss

(5:47 PM) Miami Dolphins #25 CB, Vontae Davis, Illinois

(5:50 PM) ***Green Bay Packers #26 LB, Clay Matthews III, USC

(6:00 PM) Indianapolis Colts, #27 RB, Donald Brown, UConn

(6:04 PM) Buffalo Bills #28 C, Eric Wood, Louisville

(6:10PM) New York Giants #29 WR, Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina

(6:18) Tennessee Titans #30 WR, Kenny Britt, Rutgers

(6:26) Arizona Cardinals #31 RB, Chris 'Beanie' Wells, Ohio State


*Trade Browns get: DE Kenyon Coleman, QB Brett Ratliff, DB Abram Elam and Jets' 2009 1st and 2nd round pick.  Jets get #5 pick.

**The Cleveland Browns traded down two spots, exchanged first round picks with Tampa Bay and got the Bucs' 6th rounder.

***The Cleveland Browns traded the #19 pick to the Eagles in exchange for the Eagles' 6th round pick and the #21 pick.

***The New England Patriots traded the #23 pick to the Ravens in exchange for the #26 pick and the Ravens' 5th rounder.

***The New England Patriots traded the #26 pick to the Green Bay Packers for the Packers second and two third round picks.

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