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Morning Update (Draft Day Edition)



"Once you wake up that morning, it’s like Christmas morning. You can’t fall back asleep because you know there’s something waiting for you. It’s a really exciting time because this is what we do. This is a huge opportunity to build our football team."    -GM Scott Pioli, April 17th, 2008



  • The Detroit Lions signed Matthew Stafford to a six year deal that includes $41.7 million in guaranteed money.  That puts him above the $41 million Albert Haynesworth received in free agency and makes his contract the highest guaranteed number in NFL history.
  • So, here we go....Stafford goes number one, Rams draft Sanchez, Bulger becomes available in trade and the Jets bite.  Crazy?  Maybe not.
  • Jets (#17) GM  Tannenbaum: 'We're looking to move up in the draft.'  They're believed to be competing with the Redskins (#12) for Mark Sanchez.
  • Josh McDaniels: Denver isn't moving up in the draft.  Bill Williamson of is stationed in Denver so keep an eye on his blog to track the Broncos situation.
  • Yikes!  John Clayton takes a look at the similarities between this draft and the 2005 version.
  • Peter King reported yesterday the Patriots were looking to get into the top 10.  Apparently there are rumors to the contrary.
  • About Anquan offers above a third.



Good morning everyone.  We. Are. Finally. Here.  This might be the most anticipated draft in Kansas City history.

As you heard last night, Chris had car troubles and is stuck in a La Quinta Inn outside of Houston, Texas.  The community has diagnosed it as an alternator problem.  Don't tell this to Ms. AP but he's hoping they don't make it to the wedding they're headed to.  Wi-fi must be good at the La Quinta, eh Chris?

We'll have miscellaneous coverage leading up to the 3PM (CST) draft.  The open thread will be posted between 1:00 and 1:30 PM and overflows will be posted as necessary. 

The Lions have selected Stafford and the Rams will have ten minutes to make their selection.  If you're busy today, expect the Chiefs to be on the clock at approximately 3:14 PM (so I've been told by the NFL).  Happy drafting and we're glad you're all here!

Click the play button to get pumped up for today.

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