The Only Way I Can Sleep

There's more drama here than a Mary J. Blige disc. It's a testosterone filled soap opera here at Arrowhead Pride and it's enough to make you go crazy - wondering why they traded one guy and why they won't dish another. Why did this team seem to get such a great deal and we couldn't? What to make of all of our cap room?

We're concerned about our lack of draft picks compared to the Sandals resort of a draft we enjoyed last year. Somehow we love the idea of Cassel and Vrabel as Chiefs, yet we're bitter about not owning a second round pick. We want our cake and eat it, too. Pioli is the "Anti-Al", a guy who is supposed to always know what's he's doing, who always gets the better end, and who always "gets away with it" (as compared to the drooling old man propped up like a dead Bernie in Oakland).

So, for my own sanity, I'm heading to bed tonight with thoughts of some good news. Rather than focus on all the should-be and could-be posts or feelings, I choose to focus on what I can know. And that's this: Barring any excessive moves (which of course, we should know better), the Chiefs will, 48 hours from now, have some killer new players.

-I'll probably be placing an Aaron Curry poster on my wall and will be so proud when I have my own Urlacher style player to root for. We'll have amazing phrases like "Curry Up Defense" to use over and over with friends. And our linebacking core will be called one of the best in the NFL with the new additions (don't forget June 1st roster cuts and our still intact cap room!)

-We'll be discussing our stable O-line after a few years that taught us how privileged we were all those years. Roaf, Waters, Shields and Co. spoiled us rotten and boy did we wake up from that dream world these last few. Now? We love the durable Goff, the developing All-Pro Albert, our new boy Eric Wood to go with new team player Brian Waters.

-Our special teams are now special. Kicker McFooterson will be drafted and Plenty A. Jility will join the roster as an undrafted FA as a D-4 Devin Hester clone.

-Mitch King not only became a helluva steal in the middle rounds (a la Jared Allen), but Glenn Dorsey and King trade BFF heart lockets and go on to redefine the 3-4 as the Dorsey-King defense. The Chiefs set records for sack differential from one year to the next and Scott Pioli is told that whatever he decides for the new labor agreement is fine with everyone.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.