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Scott Pioli and Todd Haley on the Tony Gonzalez Trade

A Q&A with Scott Pioli and Todd Haley is posted at the mothership and I for one found it very revealing about how they do business.

Here are some highlights:

On the front office's pre-trade discussions with Gonzalez...

Q: How much did Tony want out to play somewhere else?

PIOLI: “I have no idea. Tony and I never had conversations, nor did Todd and I, about that and I want to try to stay away from characterizing Tony’s thoughts or comments. We didn’t get the sense that he wanted that.”

On making the deal without talking to Tony Gonzalez beforehand....

Q: So, this was a case where neither you nor anyone else ever went to Tony and said, ‘are you okay with this – the trade?’ You just went ahead and made the trade.

PIOLI: “We did what was in the best interest of the Kansas City Chiefs in the short term and the long term.”

On Matt Cassel losing a weapon...

TODD HALEY: “I would say it’s never easy when you lose a popular player, especially one that has had a career like Tony to this point. That’s always difficult. But after a lot of discussions this was the direction we decided to go and was best for the Chiefs now and in the future.”

PIOLI: “We don’t believe in the rebuilding term. This is something we really feel is in the best short term and long term interest of the Kansas City Chiefs and the program we’re moving forward with right now.”

On Gonzalez's compensation in Atlanta....

Q: Can you tell me was it necessary for Tony to have a deal with Atlanta before this deal for Tony became final?

PIOLI: “For Tony to have an agreement? I’m not sure what your understanding is. I don’t know that to be true or not. Tony had three years left on his contract and I know the Falcons had not had conversations with Tony or his representatives. I think that’s a question more for the Atlanta Falcons.”

It sounds like this trade went down with absolutely no input from Tony Gonzalez or his agent. Total business. I freakin' love it. Man are Pioli and Haley a refreshing change of attitude and professionalism in Kansas City. They don't get caught up in any BS.

Finish reading the entire Q&A at the mothership.

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