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Draft Day Expectations for the Chiefs

And with the third pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs...

Trade down?

Select....Eugene Monroe? Aaron Curry? Mark Sanchez?

Hold the pick?

In the last four months, we've been over pretty much every single Kansas City Chiefs draft scenario you can imagine. And you know what? I still have zero clue what is going to go down in the next two days and throughout the weekend.

It's typical April Liar's Month in the NFL...nobody knows anything.

So while we get excited over the possibiltiy of the Chiefs drafting Aaron Curry or we write about a really great trade scenario that gets our second round pick back, what exactly are your expectations come Saturday and Sunday?

Do you expect to be blown away and completely surprised by what happens on Saturday and Sunday? Or even Friday? Wheelin' and dealin' perhaps?

Or do you have a gut feeling deep inside that Scott Pioli and Todd Haley will end up having to make "safe", less sexy moves this weekend? I say having to make because everyone knows by now that Pioli and Haley would desperately like to get out of picking at #3.

Here's what I think is going to go down in the first round of the draft for the Chiefs. I think Matt Stafford goes to Detroit at the #1 spot. St. Louis will draft one of the top left tackles - Monroe or Smith.

And for the Chiefs....

I don't think we draft LB Aaron Curry. I really do think that Scott Pioli and Todd Haley are comfortable using older linebackers, at least for the time being. I know the Patriots drafted LB Jerod Mayo last year with the #10 pick, which does make me stop and think if Pioli will make a similar move this year, which I don't think he will.

My prediction? Curry falls out of the top five.

Okay, so what do I think will happen with the Chiefs? I think some team panics and trades up with the Chiefs to get QB Mark Sanchez. I think Seattle is likely to take Sanchez with the #4 pick, forcing teams to move ahead of them. What team? I'm not really sure. There are a few that definitely need QBs and are willing to gamble.

The Chiefs will drop back into the 10-20 pick range and have a number of players and positions to choose from that don't carry the albatross of being the #3 pick around their neck. We'll get our second round pick back but I'm not sure where in the second round exactly.

I think the Chiefs are only going to make one trade this weekend and that will be for that #3 pick.

Of course I say that and we still have Brian Waters and Tony Gonzalez out there, just waiting to put in a package deal for picks. You know what? That's probably the most likely scenario actually. Trade out of the #3 pick with a team that wants QB Mark Sanchez and pick up more picks by dealing Tony Gonzalez and Brian Waters.

That's my official, on the record expectations for this weekend. No more Gonzalez. No more Waters. And the Chiefs will end up drafting nine players.

I know we've gone "on the record" probably a hundred times here concerning the draft but with two days to go, how do you really see things panning out, all insane logic aside?

Take a deep breath and let us know what you think is going to happen in the real draft world, instead of in the crazy insane mock draft/Liar's Month fantasy dimension.

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