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Yahoo! Sports Presents the SB Nation Mock Draft Podcast


Just recently, us SB Nation football guys called into the Shutdown Corner podcast and left a bit of audio on why we picked who we did in the SB Nation Mock Draft. This great idea for a "live" draft came from the man himself, MJD, and him and his buddy Danks gave us some commentary to go with our picks.

Here's exactly how MJD put it:

Here's what we did. We asked all the SB Nation's NFL blogs to call the Shutdown Corner hotline and make the picks for their teams, in order, and see how the draft played out. Meanwhile, Danks and I would sit back in the studio, take the picks as they come, and give them the Mel Kiper treatment.

The final product is this 90-minute audio mock draft that plays much like a live draft. It's got your typical risers and sliders, surprise picks, off-the-board picks, and green room sob stories. I'm pretty psyched about it.

Pretty cool, huh? You'll have to listen to figure out who I picked (although if you're a careful reader of AP you already know). In fact, I haven't even listened to it yet myself so don't be too harsh when my voice comes across your speakers. I'll be the guy sitting by the computer saying, "My voice sounds like that?"

You can listen right here:

Or download right here:

Click to download. MP3, 1:26:21, 39.5 MB.

(Ed. Note: Chris' section is at about the 8 minute mark. -PT)

Many thanks again to MJD for his hard work on this and for everyone else's hard work. It was a big time team effort to first get the mock draft itself done and then to have nearly 32 blogs call in and leave a voicemail.

Be a nice person and click over to MJD's post about the mock draft to say thanks for his hard work.

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