What about a trade down with Denver?

Not sure how well Pioli and McDaniels get a long but what if Stafford falls to 3...?


In my opinion they will need to trade up to get Sanchez or Stafford anyways.


picks 12 and 18 add up to be 2100 points.

Pick 3 is 2200 points.


I think now that Washington lost out on Cutler they will be willing to move up for Stafford or Sanchez too.  I just do not think Detroit will spend the money for Stafford once it is all said and done so if he is setting at 3 I would think Denver would like to save some face and grab a franchise qb by moving up.  They would still have the extra 1st for next year.

I dont like trading players to division rivals but a trade like this makes a lot of sense for both teams.  with picks 12 and 18 we could go MLB Maluaga and OLB Barwin or OT Britton?



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