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Broncos Trade Cutler to the Bears

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Jay Cutler is out of the AFC West and into the NFC North. 

Per the Denver Broncos official team site:

The Denver Broncos have agreed in principle to trade quarterback Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. Terms of the deal will be disclosed at a later time.

Per Jay Glazer of, the Bears GM Jerry Angelo didn't hesitate to package a massive deal:

Cutler has been traded to the Chicago Bears for two first-round picks and Kyle Orton, has learned. It is also believed that mid-round picks were swapped as part of the deal.

The Broncos now have the 12th and 18th picks in the 1st round of the draft.

Shocking but a perfect scenario for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The rumors were flying that a deal with the Washington Redskins was "imminent."

See ya around, Jay. Check out Mile High Report for more.