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Report: B.J. Raji Tested Positive at NFL Combine



There hasn't been a big B.J. Raji following around Arrowhead Pride and after this report there probably won't be. is reporting:

NFL teams will receive the official list of those who tested positive in Indianapolis later this month, and Raji's name will be on it, according to a source who attended last week's owners meetings in California.

NFL scouts were notified that Raji tested positive for marijuana prior to the 2008 season at Boston College. We are not aware of what drug triggered the positive test in this case.

Raji's agent responded:

"We will not comment on rumors from unnamed sources. I do know that B.J. has been one of the hardest workers and nicest individuals that we at Athletes First represent. There is no doubt that he will be an invaluable addition to an NFL team both on the field as a player and in the community as a role model."

If it weren't true then his agent would have flat-out denied the allegations.  I feel very confident relying on Sports Illustrated's sources in this instance.

There have already been character concerns of Raji and this report could cause a shake-up at the top of the draft.  Raji was far and away the best defensive tackle in the draft, including one of just a few projected as a possible nose tackle in the growing segment of 3-4 defensive teams.

This will likely kill any team's thoughts of trading with the Chiefs to grab Raji before the Seahawks do.

Though the Chiefs are likely in need of a 3-4 nose tackle like Raji, there haven't been any reports linking Raji to the Chiefs, according to our Chiefs draft interest page.

Mikvogel selected Raji with the 4th overall pick representing the Seattle Seahawks in the AP Mock Draft..

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