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VIDEO: Chiefs Coach Haley Happy with First Minicamp


The Kansas City Chiefs first weekend of practice is over.  From what we can gather, 66 of the 69 64 of the 67 roster players were present with Tony Gonzalez, Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel missing.

Here is the transcript from Todd Haley's media session.

Not judging players off this weekend:

"I think you try not to do it because you’re liable to make a mistake if you go off of your first mini-camp without pads and a couple days of learning. I think you could quite possibly make some mistakes if you judge too quickly. We stressed that. I even told the players that you’re not going to make the team or not make the team this weekend. You’ve got a better chance of making the team lifting and running the way we want it done."

On the transition to head coach:

"Not so much in front of the team, because I’ve had to do that a bunch, but more out on the field finding my place, exactly where I want to be or what’s most advantageous for me. It’s been three good days for me and five good practices and just figuring out where to stand half the time."

On those players that showed up:

"It was pretty much what I expected. There has been communication all along and, again, to get 64 or 65 guys, I think, is a good sign."

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