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Matt Cassel's First Press Conference as a Kansas City Chief

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Full transcript is here. Here are a few highlights:

On being in Kansas City...

“Very happy to be here. I am excited about everything that has gone on. I am excited about being here and I am excited about the coaching staff and everything going on. We are setting an environment and a foundation right now. We just have to start getting better.”

On the Chiefs' current talent level...

“Everybody is out there getting better. We are a talented team and what I think makes great teams is playing together, being consistent and fundamentally sound on a day-to-day basis. If you are inconsistent in one area and you are not all on the same page then you are not going to have a good product on the field. If we can get together and start working now on putting the puzzle together, we can have a productive team and a very good team.”

On working with GM Scott Pioli...

“Well, I have a great relationship with Scott and he brings a lot to the table. He has already started to set an environment and a climate here that people will notice right away. We are going to be structured and have to go in there each and every day and this is a work environment. That is what he is trying to do.”

Finally, welcome to Kansas City Matt!