Surprise pick at #3 - Tyson Jackson?

I know in most mock drafts the earliest TJ is taken is around #10-12, however, given the misdirection and secrecy surrounding the "Patriot-way" doesn't this make some sense?

Take into consideration that most draftniks last year were surprised when the Patriots took Jerod Mayo at #10. As a matter of fact, Adam Schefter was reporting to the Boston media the Friday before the draft that the Patriots were considering either Keith Rivers or Branden Albert with the #7 pick.

"Friday Afternoon Update: Adam Schefter reported on WEEI this morning that the Patriots are deciding between Keith Rivers and Brandon Albert. Rivers probably makes more sense, but picking him would go against Bill Belichick's MO. We'll see if he bucks his own trend on Saturday afternoon."

Ultimately, the Pats traded to #10 and the info on Rivers and Albert was a smokescreen because they took Mayo even though Albert was still on the board.

With this in mind, Profootballweekly's guess at our #3 with the following rationale makes some sense:

"The only elite five-technique in this year’s draft, Jackson may not be a flashy pick, but he perfectly fits the 3-4 front to which GM Scott Pioli would like to transition and fits the same mold as the defensive linemen that New England initially built its defense around — Richard Seymour and Ty Warren."  

With the super-secret Pioli-Haley alliance, it's hard to say who we might wind up with and when we will pick. Sure is fun trying to guess though.

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