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From Taylor to Peppers, the Chiefs' Rumor Mill Churns

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This offseason, unlike many others before it, has been a whirlwind of rumors regarding trades and free agent acquisitions.  Don't fool yourself though as rumors generally start when there's a lack of information being provided.  The news coming out of One Arrowhead Drive has been at best minimal, and at worst non-existent.

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting some ink across the national media though.  Here are a few of the rumors we've been hearing as of late.

Julius Peppers to Kansas City?

Adam Schefter doesn't seem to think it's so outrageous.  In an interview with WEEI, Schefter said he wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs made a run at Peppers on draft day.

It would not surprise me if Kansas City makes a run at him on draft day.  That's an interesting spot to watch and it would not surprise me if the Chiefs make a move at Julius Peppers. 

Schefter then said he would be "very surprised" if Peppers made his way to New England so that may knock out one of the two main competitors (Dolphins being the other).

Nothing concrete by any means but we've been pretty high on Schefter around here so this is certainly something to keep an eye on.

Jason Taylor

Bill Williamson at said the Chiefs should target Taylor and UCrawford followed that up with an endorsement for Taylor in red. 

Anything regarding Taylor is likely wishful thinking at this point but the intrigue is there.  The Chiefs signed his brother-in-law Zach Thomas and will utilize a 3-4, which Taylor played in at Miami.  On top of that, the financial issues shouldn't be an issue if GM Scott Pioli wants to pay him.

Tony Gonzalez

I'm just re-hashing old information here.

  • Falcons reportedly offered a second round pick for Gonzalez
  • Gonzalez empties out his locker at Arrowhead - spring cleaning or signs of a trade?
  • Chiefs reportedly reject the Falcons second round pick offer - no plans to trade Gonzalez or waiting for someone to meet our demands?

Nothing new to report on the Gonzalez front at this time.  We're still waiting to hear if the Chiefs flat out rejected the Falcons' offer or countered with higher demands.  "Don" Pioli is well versed in the world of NFL trades so we're certainly keeping our eye on this situation.


As we continue to focus on some of these more compelling story lines this offseason, keep in mind that any rumor you read on Arrowhead Pride will be clearly labeled as such.  We're not trying to go all Chris Mortensen on you.  Mr. Pioli said it best- "It's about getting it right"

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