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Morning Update (Trade Tony Gonzalez? Edition)

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Before we get to the links, the Tony Gonzalez story is the big deal going on now. Check out these links: Gonzalez empties locker at Arrowhead and Chiefs reject Falcons trade offer for Gonzalez.

Kansas City Chiefs News

Draft News

  • The Chiefs perfect draft, via FanHouse.
  • Interesting quote about Darrius Heyward-Bey- "If Darrius had played at Texas Tech, he'd be one of the top three picks taken."
  • NFC personnel guy- "Curry and Crabtree are the only players in that group with back-to-back [seasons] of what you would call consistent dominance."
  • The SB Nation Mock Draft is moving along nicely. Check out the picks here. By the way, you do realize that after about a half hour the Chiefs will be done drafting on the first day? I bet we still have a ton of traffic that day.
  • Make sure you check out the prospects we've been tracking.

Other NFL News