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Some News on the Chiefs Defensive Scheme, Personnel

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Yesterday we told you about some rumors floating around that the Kansas City Chiefs were ready to tentatively pencil in Tank Tyler as the nose tackle in the new 3-4 defense.  Those rumors were confirmed by DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler in an interview on Sirius Satellite Radio yesterday.

The Chiefs are holding a meeting today where they'll discuss schemes and personnel so stay tuned for more information.  Here are a few things Tank talked about in his interview.

Tank as the Nose and Dorsey in a Three Technique

Tyler said the Chiefs were indeed looking at him to be the nose tackle.  However, in a sign that a hybrid 3-4/4-3 will be utilized he also mentioned that Glenn Dorsey will continue to play the three technique on the defensive line.  This means that Dorsey wouldn't be lining up straight over center like Tank would.

This isn't necessarily set in stone either.  But remember, just a few short weeks ago Todd Haley said he sees Dorsey in an "attacking" role (ala three technique).

A three technique is expected to be more athletic and get into the backfield whereas a nose tackle is expected to take on the center and the strong side guard and essentially clog the middle.

(Note: Maybe some of you better versed in the technical aspects of the defensive line can help explain how Tyler and Dorsey would coexist in a scheme like this)

Defensive Ends Moving to Linebacker

In a move that we expected, he also said the defensive ends would be moving to linebacker.  The question is, however, which defensive ends?

Todd Haley has already said Tamba Hali (6'2", 265 pounds) would likely be utilized exclusively as a rusher on passing downs meaning he'll be an outside linebacker.

Brian Johnston (6'5", 276 pounds) can provide depth on the line as well.  His 40-yard dash time (4.66) would have been 4th best for ends over 260 pounds had he been invited to the NFL Combine so the athleticism is there to give him a look see as an outside linebacker.  In my view, however, he's an end in the 3-4 defense.

The future of Turk McBride is unclear.  He played end and tackle while at the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!) but has played end in his brief, injury riddled career in the pros.  At 6'4" and 285 pounds he seems to have the size to be an end in the 3-4 but not necessarily the speed as an outside 'backer (though these numbers are from the NFL Combine two years ago).  He'll be an interesting project this offseason.


Not much in the way of new news with Tyler's interview.  More of a vague reference by a player on things we've been speculating on for some time now.

The Chiefs will have meetings to discuss personnel and scheme today so make sure you check back today.

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