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Morning Update (Denver Meltdown Edition)

Kansas City Chiefs News

  • Kent Babb: "We'll hazard a theory: Pioli and Co. are seeing what kind of linebacker they'd get if they traded the No. 3 pick and slid down to the other team's first-round or early second-round spot."
  • Bob Gretz: "In a nutshell, the players association says the clause in Johnson’s contract violates the collective bargaining agreement. They’ve filed a grievance against the Chiefs, and it’s scheduled to be heard on Wednesday along with a grievance against the Falcons involving former Atlanta defensive back Jimmy Williams."
  • Todd Haley, via Don Banks and "We haven't really conversed a whole bunch about the style of offense we'll play [in Kansas City]. Intentionally."
  • C.E. Wendler: "So maybe the start of offseason workouts didn’t bring all the answers we wanted. But the answer Haley gave us was loud and clear. Over 60 players were pumping iron at Arrowhead Stadium, and no one was more important than anyone else."
  • Geez this story got out of control quickly. Of course, there will be no strike delaying Arrowhead Stadium's construction. At least we have links to back up what we say on here instead of running our mouths without consequence.
  • If Larry Johnson does stay, I fully anticipate Todd Haley screaming at him on the sideline at some point this season.
  • Worst April Fool's joke so far...Todd Haley is the grandson of Bill Haley of Bill Haley & the Comets.

AFC West News

  • I love this line: "Who would have thought the Raiders would have better fantasy options than the Broncos?"
  • A lot of Bronco fans think that QB Jay Cutler will end up in Detroit.
  • I'm begining to think that Denver head coach Josh McDaniels is a victim of the Peter principle.
  • Raider fans over at Silver and Black Pride named their tight end their offensive player of the year. He had 56 catches last season.

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