Getting to Know: Roger Allen, OG, Missouri Western

That's two in a row for connerman to the front page. He's been a huge help while I struggle with this cold. This is a post we were planning anyway (see the workout link here), so we might as well let our talented readers write it. -Chris

I remember the days when a mock draft was something done by two or three people in the known sports-verse and it was a one rounder at best. Now? My grandmother just finished her Day One predictions and promised me the rest by this weekend. It's a heightened buzz and awareness with sites like AP available and this post displays further evidence.

Introducing Roger Allen. The Chiefs were recently identified as a team interested - alongside the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys, who also interviewed the offensive lineman up close and personal in their team suites at the Scouting Combine back in Indianapolis - and it begs the question: who? So I thought we could take a closer look at the mysterious DII player to know who might be protecting our quarterback post-April.

Roger Allen is a four-year starter (all 48 games of his playing career including redshirt season) on the offensive line, mostly at guard, for Missouri Western. As a unit in 2008, the group allowed 25 sacks and only averaged 3.4 yards per rush on offense. Still in prior seasons, Allen headed a group that set a school record for points and their first ever postseason appearance in 2006.

From the school's website: "Roger helped the Griffons to a combined 33-15 record over his four years which is the winningest class in Griffon history. In 2007 Allen helped Western’s offense score 428 points, a new school record with the previous being 370. Allen was an All-MIAA unanimous First-Team selection three years in a row and was the 2005 MIAA Freshman of the Year. Allen is the third Griffon to receive this honor with defensive back Pierre Thomas and running back Jeremiah White receiving it in 2003 and 2005 respectively."

One of only 7 players invited to the Scouting Combine (a great honor), Allen was the only one who didn't work out - having to sit out due to surgery from a sports hernia suffered during the Texas vs. the Nation all-star game. His surgery was on Feb. 11th, so he's scheduled to be finished in time for MWU's pro day (which is when the Chiefs are scheduled to see him.)

The early word is that this isn't merely someone close to home for the Chiefs to look at, but a legitimate DII sleeper that merits a closer look for a potential mid-to-late round slot. He measures well at just a hair over 6'3" and weighing 325 (gaining 80 lbs. in college to build his frame).

The things to really like about Allen is his lateral movement and grades well all around on both run and pass blockgin (only one sack is attributed to Allen in last two years) and his character and work ethic on/off the field.

The ultimate wrap-up is found in this scouting report: "Allen has been a model of consistency throughout his career. You can also see a little of Larry Allen (ex-Dallas and San Francisco) in his play, as he shows the same tenacity, brute strength and uncanny instincts to consistently be in position to lock on and control the defender. He is a true warrior who played part of the 2008 season with a shoulder injury that would sideline most others. With a weak crop of major college talent at this position, Allen could turn out to be the Cinderella story of the 2009 draft, especially since the shoulder injury that bothered him during 2008 was recently given a clean bill of health from renowned surgeon, Dr. James Andrews."

You can find an audio interview with Roger here. Also, Patriots Daily had a few questions for Roger and you can find them transcribed here. Finally in this article, you hear how Allen's a lifelong Chiefs fan, a spiritual man and ready for the NFL, regardless of his school size and prestige.

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