One of the reason's we're not signing big free agents

Let's face it. The best players don't want to play here right now and to be blunt, why should they? 

The Chiefs have won 6 games in 2 years and while we may be excited at the prospect of our new management turning this around, most good players want to go somewhere they feel is close to winning in the playoffs.  In their minds, that ain't KC. Now, it's possible they could have offered a guy a monster contract and got them here because of the money but who wants players who only care about money and not winning? I don't.

This whole thing is a catch 22.  To win in free agency, you have to have players lining up wanting to come play for you but to get that, you have to be a perennial winner.

So, unfortunately, until we prove to the NFL that Pioli and Haley have polished this turd enough to convince people we're headed in the right direction and only a player or two away, this will be standard operating procedure in KC.  Once we make the playoffs a time or two or at least win more than half of our games, we will have to make do with the draft and 2nd and 3rd tier free agents.  The good news is that I believe our new coach will get more out of the current talent and many of the 2nd and 3rd tier free agents are better than what was on our roster last year.  I know it's frustrating because we all want to win but we will have to exercise a little patience to let this play out like it needs to.

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