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What are the Realistic Expectations for the Chiefs' 2009 Defense?



As we all know, the 2008 Kansas City Chiefs defense was one of the worst in franchise history. We surrendered nearly 400 yards a game on offense and couldn't even sniff an opposing quarterback.

Below is a list of the NFL's two worst defensive teams in a given year and in parenthesis is their defensive rank and the subsequent year's rank right after that.

1998: Indianapolis Colts (29th to 15th), Carolina Panthers (30th to 26th)

1999: Washington Redskins (30th to 4th), Cleveland Browns (31st to 26th)

2000: Arizona Cardinals (31st to 28th), Seattle Seahawks (32nd to 20th)

2001: Atlanta Falcons (30th to 19th), Carolina Panthers (31st to 2nd)

2002: Detroit Lions (31st to 24th), Kansas City Chiefs (32nd to 29th)

2003: Houston Texans (31st to 23rd), Atlanta Falcons (32nd to 14th)

2004: Kansas City Chiefs (31st to 25th), New Orleans Saints (32nd to 14th)

2005: Houston Texans (31st to 24th), San Francisco 49ers (32nd to 26th)

2006: Washington Redskins (31st to 8th), Tennessee Titans (32nd to 5th)

2007: Buffalo Bills (31st to 14th), Detroit Lions (32nd to 32nd)

2008: Kansas City Chiefs (31st to ???), Detroit Lions (32nd to ???)

The worst two defensive teams in the last ten years have increased their defensive ranking by an average of 11 spots. It seems like a best case scenario for the Kansas City Chiefs next year would a ~20th ranked defense in the NFL.

Would you be satisfied if the Chiefs' defense improved to be the 20th best squad in the league?

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