Chiefs are not picking LB Aaron Curry.

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I know, I know, I love Aaron Curry too.  Any team that drafts him will likely have the most dynamic defensive player in the draft and a future pro-bowler.  But Chiefs fans, why is Curry the most logical and likely choice in our minds?  Sure we need defense and especially LBs.  How can all of the sudden we think that we have figured out the Pioli Puzzle and know what the secret club's next move is?  We all know the majority of Chiefs fans resigned to the fact that we weren't going to go after Matt Cassel.  We were wrong.  It was so obvious and staring us in the face.  So why now overlook the obvious draft choice?

Here's what we know:

1. We just added a OLB in Vrabel, and we wooing Clark Haggans at Arrowhead today.  So we are now looking at drafting Curry to play the inside and have Haggans or Vrabel contribute as a reserve?

2. Scott Pioli won multiple Super Bowls with inferior talent at wide receiver, but in the most recent Patriot turnover and facelift he helped engineer 2 mega trades to become great at one certain position.  Draft day trade of 4th round pick for the most talented receiver WR ever Randy Moss and also a trade package of a 2nd and a 7th round picks for promising wr, now stud Wes Welker.   

3. Todd Haley rode the backs of his wide receivers just short of a Super Bowl victory.  Its no secret Todd likes to throw the ball around.  Why expect him to build defense first when there are so many holes on this team?  We've got our version of Anquan Boldin in Dwayne Bowe.  We've got a better QB now than present day Kurt Warner in Matt Cassel.  Too bad a Larry Fitzgerald is almost impossible to come by....unless of course you have a high pick and Michael Crabtree is in the draft.

As Curry is the most dynamic defensive player in the draft, Crabtree is the offensive version.  He is can't miss.  He is going to be a Chief.  He is going to be great.  If you believe that Michael Crabtree will score more than twice as many TDs than Curry will cause turnovers then you need to jump on the bandwagon too. 

It's all happening.

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