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Stafford "Wows" at Lions Workout; Chiefs Should be Happy

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According to a report by Tony Pauline of, Georgia QB Matthew Stafford had a terrific day at a private workout with the Detroit Lions in Athens, GA. The workout was described as "flawless" and much better than his well-publicized Pro Day.

The draft's top quarterback was on point with all his throws throughout the session. He threw just about 40 passes and hit on all but three of them. Stafford fired the ball downfield, hitting receivers in stride, and threw accurately through the entire session.

Sources told Pauline that it's a "done deal" that the Lions will select Stafford with the top overall pick on April 25th.

This is excellent news for the Kansas City Chiefs because it gives them a good shot at the top rated player on their board.

Stafford Isn't on the Chiefs Radar

With Matt Cassel in tow, the Chiefs aren't in line to draft Stafford.  Some have speculated that his status as the top quarterback in the draft will drive other teams to offer the Chiefs a presumably intriguing trade down offer.  Recent reports haven't indicated that other teams are going to trade up for Stafford, so the Chiefs probably wouldn't have trade suitors even if he fell.

Smoke Screens

The positive reports coming out of Athens today could be smoke screens.  We're not sure who Pauline's sources are but if they're officials with the team then it would be wise to question their motivation.  It's in the Lions best interest to drive up the interest in Stafford as much as possible.  It would be nice if these weren't smoke screens and the Lions did want Stafford but that's part of the Draft at this time of year.

If the Rams Go Tackle...

The popular pick for the St. Louis Rams is one of the top two left tackles, Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe.  A seemingly pre-mature report came out last week that Smith would be the Lions' top choice but there have no other mentions of a deal being close to complete.  If the Rams do go tackle, then that leaves the Chiefs with their choice of the top rated defensive player on their board.


The best case scenario for the top pick in the draft would be Matthew Stafford to the Lions.  We're not sure if the Lions interest is legitimate or a smoke screen but the Chiefs should be happy if he is selected by Detroit primarily because he's likely not in the top three of the Chiefs draft board.

It's Game Time.

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