LJ To The Saints!!!

Since we all seem to be in LJ mode allow me to sprinkle in my two cents before MIZZOU advances to the final four.

It's clear that Larry has had enough of Kansas City and the women of Kansas City have had enough of him so where is the win win situation?

The New Orleans Saints is the perfect destination for Larry and could prove to be for the Chiefs as well. The Saints don't have a 2nd or 3rd round pick due to trades they have made the last few years but a 4th round pick with a conditional 2nd or 3rd in the 2010 draft based on LJ's stats could be a great victory for the Chiefs.

On the Saints end LJ in a backfield with Reggie Bush and Drew Brees would put them in a league of their own on the ofensive side of the ball. Sean Payton is a great offensive coach and he always finds away to get Bush the ball in open space but with a bull dog like larry in the backfield they could duplicate the sucsess they found in his first season where a Healthy Duce & Reggie ran all the way to the NFC Championship game. 

Although LJ has shown that when a hole is open he can still put up big number (Atlanta & Denver games from "08) his off the field issues and attitude has almost forced the Chiefs hands so if they can walk away with a 4 and possible 2 I think thats a win win...



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