If the Draft Happened Tomorrow

I know everyone is getting tired of these but I thought it would be cool to compose a mock made completely out of players that we have looked at. Whether it was a private workout or just talking them at the combine or senior bowl.

Round 1: Pick #3

The Chiefs select Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia 



The only guy on the list we haven't talked to but I love him too much to let him go right now. Branden Alberts is only really making guard money. Chris Williams, who was taken after Alberts in last years draft is making more money than Branden from 2010 on assuming they both keep their contracts. My argument used to be that if we drafted a tackle with our #3 we would be too strapped for cash to resign both Tackles in consecutive years when their contracts are up. I'd put Eugene Monroe and Alberts in a training camp/ pre-season battle for the LT position, loser slides to the right side. 


Round 3: Pick #67

The Chiefs select Pat White



Though I hope this pick isn't Pat White he's the only guy we've talked to that projects into the 3rd. He's a versatile player that could play as a receiver, quarterback, and probably even return man. He's got a ton of speed and could give us a deadly wildcat. Pioli likes versatility so it makes sense.



Round 4: Pick #98

The Chefs select Sammie Lee Hill, NT, Stillman



The big man may surprise as a starter this season. That being said Hill is projected as a NT for the 3-4 that could slide out to DE. Does this mean Dorsey will play DE next year? Who knows but Hill could be a steal here. His stock says 5th round but it's innacurate, he killed his combine workout and his stock has jetted up. He'll be proclaimed a reach here but there's no way we'll get our hands on him in the 5th



Round 5: Pick # 139

The Chiefs select Jasper Brinkley, ILB, South Carolina



Brinkley's a beast and he makes up for not drafting a linebacker in the first round. Brinkley is one of the mid rounders that can step in on day one and make an impact, he's big even by NFL standards and he's fast too. He also played 3-4 in college so he fits Pioli's model of big fast and strong. He had a history on knee injuries and lack of supreme competition, Brinkleys stock lays low. I think Mr. Pioli is very interested.



Round 6: Pick #175

The Chiefs select Roger Allen, OG, Missouri Western



His stock reads 7th but so many teams are interested in the best DII offensive Guard in the class that his stock has shot up. Early 6th seams reasonable seeing as there is no chance a team drafting late will let him get to us in the 7th. That being said Roger Allen has all the tools to surprise the NFL as a strarter. If were fortunate he could step in and start on day one, however you have to believe there's a possibility he'll wind up at center with the Goff signing. Or it could be the other way around.


Round 7: Pick #212

The Chiefs select Taurus Johnson, WR, South Florida


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I have no clue who this kid is but if Haley likes him enough to draft him in the 7th I'd say Devard Darling and Jeff Webb may be out of a job in training camp. 


Mr. Irrelevant Pick

Chiefs pick Mike Rivera, ILB, KU



Another guy I know nothing about. I watched some KU games and wasn't exactly noticing him on the field. However it's always nice to have some home grown guys and Pioli has a keen ability to spot talent in the late rounds so who knows.


So looking at the draft if we had it tomorrow, I'd say KC is in a pretty good situation. What do you think AP? 




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