Diamond in the rough

I have been really impressed by  Kenny Britt for a guy that is supposed to go in the second he would be a great assett to the chiefs as a solid number 2 or who knows maybe be able to fight for the number one receiver. I love big receivers and they dont get much bigger then 6"4 220 with a 38 inch vert this guy would be killing it. The chiefs need this guy. I know we got some holes, but a lot of them can be filled in the free agency or lower rounds of the draft. If we can trade our 3rd down for a lower pick and pick up a 2nd and maybe a third. I believe we should pick up the best DE available with our first, and use the second to pick up Britt. I would not waste a 1st round pick on a LB no matter how much of a beast Curry is LB's are a dime a dozen. You can pick those guys in the 3rd 4th rounds.

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