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Report: Chiefs Tony Gonzalez Still Wants a Trade



Despite today's remarks by Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt that the team will "certainly not seek a trade" for Tony Gonzalez, the All-Pro tight end is still interested in a deal being worked out.

Per the Associated Press:

"If the right deal can be made, Tony very much wants the Chiefs to trade him," the person said. "Tony is not demanding a trade. Tony cherishes the time he's spent with the Chiefs and he loves the way he's always been treated by the fans there. But he knows of some other teams that would be interested in him and if the right deal can be made, he wants it to be made."

And again:

"If the Chiefs can't make a deal with the right team, then Tony will be fine with that," The AP was told. "He is not demanding a trade. But if the right deal can be made, he very much would like to be traded."

This doesn't appear to be anything remotely close to last October's very public spat between Gonzalez and then Chiefs GM Carl Peterson, but it's still not comforting.

Despite the Associated Press's headline, "Source: Chiefs TE Gonzalez Wants Trade", it doesn't appear as if this will hinder the Chiefs plan not to trade him.  Or will it?

Gonzalez is interested in potential trades being explored. Hunt will not seek a trade. Let's hope we're not approaching the offseason version of the 2008 trade deadline faceoff.