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Clark Hunt Says the Chiefs will Keep Tony Gonzalez; Not Sure on Larry Johnson and Brian Waters

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Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star nabbed Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt in between sessions at the NFL's annual owners meeting in California yesterday. Hunt had some interesting things to say about some of the "old", disgruntled Chiefs players.

Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt said Monday during a break at the NFL meetings that the Chiefs had decided to hold on to Gonzalez, their longtime Pro Bowl tight end. Hunt also said decisions regarding Johnson and Waters haven’t been made but added that either or both could return to play for the Chiefs this season.

Clark Hunt says the Chiefs will retain Gonzalez but don't you get the feeling that if a really sweet deal comes along, he's gone? Me too. Who knows? Maybe this is part of a ploy to increase Gonzalez's trade value, making teams think the Chiefs won't part for him without a hefty return.

The decision surrounding the Chiefs' Pro Bowl guard Brian Waters stems from Waters' tempertantrum back in late February, when he allegedly ran to Star reporter Jason Whitlock after being snubbed by GM Scott Pioli. Waters was able to talk with head coach Todd Haley briefly, giving us one of the greatest lines that truly separates the "new" and the "old" Chiefs regime.

22 players off of the street could have won two games last year.

Boom. Sit down Brian Waters. Time to change your diapers. This ain't your old Chiefs team anymore. I don't care about the new staff being too harsh or too inconsiderate. Winning is the bottom line. Not making friends.

Larry Johnson is, of course, still Larry Johnson. He may be motivated to play. He may not be. Even if the new coaching staff feels like they can work with Johnson, it's almost guaranteed he wigs out on the team at some point this year. We'll be waiting for it, expecting it.

The news portion of this story is reassuring- the retention of Tony Gonzalez. It's always nice to be able to tack on 80+ catches and a half dozen touchdowns to your offense. I think TG is too much of a distraction to call him a leader, so I'm not really intererested in what he offers in that area.

The off season marches on.

H/T LTownChiefsFan for the link to the story.

It's Game Time.

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