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Report: Lions to Take Jason Smith With #1 Overall Pick



KFFL is reporting that the mystery player the Detroit Lions are negotiating with is Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith.

KFFL has learned the Detroit Lions will take Baylor OT Jason Smith with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

I'm not quite ready to trust this report completely.  In my mind, it's more likely that the Lions are negotiating with a number of candidates in order to garner some leverage in the contract negotiations.

But if we do take this report at it's word, then it's becoming increasingly likely the Kansas City Chiefs will be in position to select LB Aaron Curry.

Most pundits, including SI's Peter King, are predicting the St. Louis Rams will select the top rated left tackle on the board, which if Smith is gone becomes Eugene Monroe out of Virginia.

In addition to the Chiefs having their pick of Curry, this also means that Matthew Stafford will likely be available when the Chiefs come to pick. I don't expect us to be selecting the Georgia quarterback, but I do suspect the #3 overall pick would become slightly more valuable to any teams in the top 10 (San Francisco?) looking to move up and select a quarterback.

I've long thought that from a Chiefs perspective, the best thing that can happen is Detroit taking one of the two top left tackles on the board. It leaves the Chiefs with an excellent option (Curry) and might make a team or two inclined to move up and select the highest rated quarterback on the board.

H/T blu43 in the comments

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