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Owners Meetings Could Spark Interest In Chiefs Stars


The new Chiefs will be in full force at the annual owners meetings


The NFL's annual meeting of owners begins today in Dana Point, California and runs through Wednesday.  We've already talked about a few of the topics that will come up at these meetings, but we've got more questions than answers at this juncture.

Bill Williamson of will be covering the owners' meetings and appears to be our best resource for this so make sure you check him out.

Below are a few of the questions I have heading into today's convention of mega-billionaires.

The future of Tony Gonzalez, Larry Johnson and Brian Waters

Per multiple media outlets, each of these players could/should be on the trading block.

Tony Gonzalez is getting up there in age and has expressed interest in playing for a winner. He's a candidate to be moved mainly because his value in a trade won't be increasing anytime soon. Expect plenty of TE-needy teams to be talking to Clark Hunt and/or Scott Pioli at the meetings.

Larry Johnson is unhappy and another candidate to be moved. I don't suspect many teams will be that interested in him, especially with the contract he would carry with him in a trade. I don't see Johnson being a hot topic of conversation at the meetings.

Brian Waters reportedly wants out of Kansas City after a distasteful first meeting with Todd Haley and the no-meeting with Pioli. I haven't heard much movement from this story brought to light by Jason Whitlock on the first night of free agency so I don't expect teams to be asking about Waters' availability. Like Gonzalez, he may be worth more to the Chiefs than any other team.

Compensatory Picks

The NFL historically awards compensatory picks at the owners meeting. The Chiefs may be in line for a late round pick for Casey Wiegmann.

Connerman threw up a FanPost about compensatory picks. He predicts the Chiefs won't receive one for Casey Wiegmann but may be in line for a non-compensatory pick (possibly setting us up to select Mr. Irrelevant?).


The NFL also historically announces the first slate of primetime games at the owners meetings. There's been an astounding amount of excitement in Kansas City since December 15th, so I expect the Chiefs to land at least one (maybe two?) game on Sunday Night or Monday Night Football.

We know that the Chiefs have the 17th toughest schedule and we've looked at their history of primetime games. I predicted the Chiefs won't have a primetime game this year but acquiring Matt Cassel may make the NFL excited to show off one of its top talents.


This is an extremely important year in the NFL as far as the relationship between the owners and the NFLPA is concerned. I know some of you aren't as interested in the business side of the NFL as some of us, but it's important that you're up to date on the movin' and shakin' that's going to take place in Dana Point this week.

The increasing possibility that we'll be without a salary cap next season, new NFLPA DeMaurice Smith's assertion that once the cap is gone it's not coming back, and the negotiation of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement will be the hot topics on the business side for the next few months.

We'll do our best to keep you updated on the business side of the NFL in this monumental year.