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Todd Haley: Tyler Thigpen Will Compete for the Starting QB Job

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UPDATE: A more complete transcript is at the mothership.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley spoke with the media via conference call this afternoon and he gave us some pretty good stuff to talk about. In addition to declining to speak about Brian Waters' request for a trade, Haley let us know where last year's starting QB stood. This is courtesy of the Red Zone:

"I don’t know that you can say the quarterback position is secure," Haley said. "I think we’ve got another guy to come in and compete for the starting quarterback position.

"I just got off he phone with Tyler. I told him I’m a very selfish coach. I think that’s evident by Arizona and what we did. We’re going to play the guys that give us the best chance to win."

You may have taken that last line, like I did, as a slight indicator that Matt Cassel is the starting QB. But Todd Haley had nice things to say about Thigpen:

"I haven’t spent a lot of time with him. I just had a brief phone conversation with him. But he’s got a lot of moxie. You can tell he played with passion.

"He’s an intriguing guy that presents some problems for the defense when you’ve got a guy that athletic and can run around and carry the football like he did. He also threw 21 touchdown passes and it’s hard to throw 21 touchdown passes in the NFL."

Nothing about Thigpen throwing the football...then again I haven't heard the entire conference call.

If you ask me, Todd Haley was being more diplomatic than his reputation would lead you to believe he would. He didn't want to come down on Brian Waters one week and the beloved Thigpen the next. That's not winning any fans over. Cassel is the starter and I refuse to believe otherwise.

I'm searching around for an audio recording of this but I'm not sure if they archived it or not. Many thanks to Adam Teicher at the Red Zone for taking these notes.