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Morning Update (Pro Days Edition)



Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Cassel and USC QB Mark Sanchez got into a fight last night- for charity.

KU linebacker Mike Rivera will attend the Chiefs Pro Day workout for local players on April 11th.

LB Mike Vrabel will wear #50. Sorry Rocky Boiman. (H/T JayKC)

Chris Simms > Matt Cassel? No way.

Pro Days

At the University of Arkansas Pro Day, Chris Mortenson's son Alex ran a few drills for the scouts.

You just know that every NFL team attended the Auburn Pro Day because of the BBQ afterward.

Six teams attended Colorado State's Pro Day.

Awesome! Coming out of the Oklahoma Sooner's Pro Day, we have a draft buzz phrase I've never heard: "amazing backpedal." That's funny because every girl I've seen Primetime approach also has amazing backpedal . Zing!

AFC West

Even though the meeting between Bronco team officials and Jay Cutler apparently went smoothly, Cutler still thinks that it is likely that he is going to be traded before draft day. Mile High Report has more.

JayKC posted a FanShot on this last night- LaDainian Tomlinson is staying in San Diego.

The Raiders are not relevant. There is nothing to link to.

General NFL news

Behind the Steel Curtain has the most thorough post I've ever seen on what team had the NFL's greatest defense of all time. The 1977 Falcons? May be.

You know Alex Smith knows his role when he agrees to a restructuring of his contract that "greatly reduces his base salary" instead of leaving for another team.

It's Game Time.

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