Mike Furrey, Liegh Bodden amongst others cut

I'm not sure if I'm pulling a guppy here but it's been announced that the Lions have started cleaning house and consequently have cut (WR) Mike Furrey, (CB) Leigh Bodden, (G) Edwin Mulitalo, (S) Dwight Smith, (TE) Dan Cambell, and (OT) Jonn Dunn. Without having to say it there is no doubt these players will have trouble finding work again. Having "Former Lions (0-16), *insert position here*" on your resume won't exactly put you on the top of the Free Agents list.

It's been widespread that we may be looking for a good reciever, Furrey is sort of a Wes Welker, maybe we could go after him? His production lagged as of late due to the fact that he had reoccuring injuries. But the fact that he could create productive numbers with both Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson on the team is pretty impressive. His numbers have been in free fall, he has gone from 98 receptions for 1086 yards in 06 to 18 receptions for 181 yards in 08. He's 31 that's a little out of our age requirement but he could end up being a good #3 WR for 3-4 years. His production drop may be attributed to the fact that the qurterbacking situation has been dismal this past season in Detroit mostly because of the O-line. 

Leigh Bodden could be a good corner to push Brandon Carr into nickle for us, giving us a SOLID cornerback core. Bodden was coming off of a solid season for the Browns in 07 where he had six interceptions. He's only 27 so he fits our criteria perfectly. One issue is that he struggled in the Lions 4-3 system, wheras he was a success in the Browns 3-4 system. I'm pretty confident we'll be running the 4-3 in week one so Bodden mayt not fit for us. I have tons of confidence in our Cornerbacks coaches seeing as they developed Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers in to legitimate starters in one year.

Edwin Mulitalo would be on my list if he weren't so old. He used to be a very good guard for the Lions until he started getting wieghted down with injuries. He and Dwight Smith could serve as good veteran backups but I don't think were headed in that direction anyway.

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